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50+ Best My Fall Plans vs The Delta Variant Memes | Man of Many

Look, let’s not dwell on the downside. The Delta Variant has ravaged communities across the globe and forced us back indoors and away from friends, but that hasn’t stopped meme culture. The “my fall plans, the delta variant” meme has been doing the rounds on Twitter after a surge in COVID cases in the US due to the Delta variant, another strain of coronavirus.

My Fall Plans, The Delta Variant

If you’ve spent any time on social media in the past few weeks, you would have been hit hard with a smattering of My Fall Plans memes. Simple in nature but effortlessly funny, the Delta Variant memes are a sadly reminder that we could be here a while. Bleak as it may be, here is a list of the funniest “my fall plans, the delta variant” memes:

Best Delta Variant Memes

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