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16 Best Potts Point Restaurants You Need to Try | Man of Many
The Apollo has claimed its place as the number one go-to restaurant in Potts Point. Inspired by the design of the Parthenon, the eatery has become a Sydney dining hotspot, dishing-up the likes of succulent lamb shoulders, little glass jars of creamy taramasalata, calamari and zucchini tossed in chickpea flour as well octopus with a hit of charcoal, chilli, oregano and pickled cucumber served with a savvy drink of your choice. The Apollo embodies the flavours of Greece, a lively ambience and matchless hospitality.
1. The Apollo
Put simply, Ezra brings the zests of Tel Aviv to Potts Point. Head chef Ben Sears has toyed with Mediterranean and Ashkenazi flavours to offer customers a unique taste of the orient. The menu favourites include falafel and tahini snack. But be sure to try the crowning glories of the menu: chicken baked in a vine leaf, lamb shoulder and prune tagine and roast cauliflower with halloumi, the or almond milk panna cotta and an ice cream baklava sandwich dessert.
2. Ezra
Monopole is an interestingly eclectic European-style bar and restaurant that’s meant for the bold and hungry. The eatery is operated by chef Brent Savage and sommelier Nick Hildebrandt, the owners of another Potts Point gem Yellow. This eatery’s mainstay is the Kangaroo loin with toasted hazelnuts in a  riff on carpaccio that goes well with their well-dressed salads. At Monopole, you’ll expect splendid service and an element of savour in every meal.
3. Monopole
Ever feel like dining eloquently but can’t be bothered leaving the comfort of your home? Then look no further. Because Chester White Cured Diner is all about great food and comfort. This tiny spot began as a wine bar and is currently one of the best restaurants in Potts Points. Expect an impressive selection of succulent salami, buttery pork salumi, spicy nduja and smoky, lean speck come with cheese, green olives, bread and some huge house-pickled veggies.
4. Chest White Cured Diner
Franca Brasserie is splendid. The brasserie dishes up a classic French menu with an undercurrent of Mediterranean zests. Head chef Alexis Besseau presents the likes of spanner crab tagliatelle, duck breast with eggplant and freekeh, and smoked swordfish with brandade and endive. But the true champion on the menu is the spanner crab tagliatelle, wagyu bavette and shared plates stacked with a rack of lamb or a bouillabaisse pasta.
5. Franca Brasserie
Ms. G’s prides itself in having no culinary borders and being flamboyantly adorned. Expect Maggi sauce mixed with butter in wok-fried mushrooms; variegated drinks and a breakfast menu that can be ordered for dessert. And regulars can’t pass on the cheeseburger spring rolls; and boneless fried chicken with spicy sauce. The sweet and sour ribs are a mouthwatering a come with a hint of black vinegar. This ethos is what gives the restaurant its dynamic vibe and flavoursome foods.
6. Ms.G’s
If you’re favouring a vegetarian or vegan meal, then Yellow is the restaurant for you. Chef Brent Savage and his talented team have created menus with a myriad of vegetables sourced from local suppliers. Expect pristine plates with simple combinations. The mini tortillas are the speciality of the restaurant: crisp sweet potato, blackberry and lime yoghurt are a lesson in balancing seemingly disparate elements. Yellow also offers a five and seven tasting menu for any of you gluttons.
7. Yellow
Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or a late-night meal, Fratelli Paradiso is the Italian restaurant in Potts Point that’s got you covered. This gem opened its doors in 2001 in Potts Point’s prestigious Paris quarter and has since become a destination for fine dining. If you’re up early at the restaurant, try the classic Italian breakfast of juice, coffee and cherry-and-ricotta Danish. Be sure to request one of the coveted street-facing seats and treat yourself to an alfresco feast on the lasagna Bolognese.
8. Fratelli Paradiso
Bistro Rex is style, shameless and passionate about employing Australia’s finest produce and native ingredients. Their talented head chef Jo Ward and her team create modern dishes and French Bistro favourites: French onion soup, steak, cheese soufflé and chicken liver parfait with specials added daily. Caviar, freshly shucked south coast oysters, cheese soufflé, French onion soup, chicken liver parfait and sirloin steak are some of the favourites to try at the Rex.
9. Bistro Rex
Hands down, the best Japanese restaurant in Potts Point is Chaco Bar. This eatery focuses on yakitori (a Japanese type of skewered chicken). The special dish here is Fukuoka-style charcoal-grilled skewers of chicken thigh, hearts, gizzards, liver, pork belly, lamb shoulder, zucchini and hunks of miso eggplant, Numbing Chicken Wing Gyoza that comes with John Dory, Tiger Prawn Stuffing, Karasumi Aioli. Some simple side dishes include “tsukune” (Japanese meatballs served with semi-boiled egg).
10. Chaco Bar
Dear Sainte Éloise is not your typical go-to restaurant for a proper meal. The menu changes every few days, influenced by seasons and produce availability. Anticipate dishes such as burrata with fresh mint and charred bread; snake beans with pecorino; and sphere-shaped potato rosti with a dollop of peachy mullet roe on top. And for the love of God, try the smoked mussels on toast. The juicy broth, paired with the crunchy carrots, fresh parsley and the mussels make every bite ever so heavenly.
11. Dear Sainte Eloise
Without a doubt, Chula is the best Mexican restaurant in Potts Point and of the best in Sydney, thanks to its head chef, Alvaro Valenzuela. Unlike other Mexican eateries, this gem bears food like snapper, deboned and dressed in a green tomatillo sauce on one side of the spine and smoky red salsa on the other. Expect savoury tacos loaded with juicy meat, medium-rare slices of scotch fillet, adorned in red onions, coriander, and served in a corn tortilla — nirvana in you the mouth.
12. Chula
Why not enjoy a panoramic view of Sydney city skyline from the terrace with an exquisite cuisine? The Butler is a sanctum for South-American foods made by head chef, Amber Doig. This restaurant brings a wealth of experience to your platter. Try the slow-cooked Wagyu with swede and kohlrabi or octopus with dill and burnt apple. Side dishes include a myriad of cheeses or tuna tartare with edamame and quinoa.
13. The Butler
Ironically, a restaurant’s name that’s Latin for “and other,” is like no other. The first thing to do at Et Al.  is to sit in the vibrantly decorated courtyard and order from the menu of well-proportioned plates. But if you’re seeking a modest meal, try the smoky ricotta and radish salad coloured with baked beetroot, or a rich blue cheese tart with a zingy side of caramelised onion. Taste the extensive range of entrees and the classic bread and butter pudding for dessert.
14. Et Al. Restaurant
Not many restaurants can hold a candle to Room Ten. This is the perfect breakfast and lunch spot in Potts Point: a place for coffee, healthy breakfast bowls, delightful brunch dishes or an appetising lunch. Scarf down a menu favourite: a slow-cooked brisket with onion jam, cabbage slaw, pickles, rocket and mustard. And if you’re opting for a salad, try their Ziad; chickpeas, avocado, fattoush, red capsicum, sultanas and pistachio dukkah.
15. Room Ten
Hankering a fine French dinner at Potts Point? Then Macleay St Bistro should be in your cross-hairs. This bistro has been open for over 30 years and is renowned by locals and tourists for turning out dishes that might include free-range Riverina lamb backstrap, the much-loved classic style steak tartare, or pan-fried salmon with courgettes and asparagus, bringing together classic French and Contemporary Australian dining. Definitely a worth eating at.
16. Macleay St Bistro
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