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Night Food Sydney

12 Best Spots for Late Night Food in Sydney

Looking for late-night food in Sydney is like looking for sand at the beach, you won’t have to look far before you find something. The challenge comes, however, when you’re looking for something that will really, really hit the spot, something worth your time that will satisfy your late-night dining cravings. We all know that the later you eat, the better food tastes, whether it be after you’ve worked up a sweat on the dance floor or drained your brain by staying back late at the office. But even with this taste advantage, you’re going to want somewhere open for food that serves up the best of the best, and that’s exactly what we’ve got here for you.

Best Of Late Night Spots at a Glance

Indian home diner 1
Image: Indian Home Diner

1. Indian Home Diner

Kebabs, but with curry. The famous Indian Home Diner on Oxford St has been a stalwart in Sydney’s late-night eats scene for over a decade now. Serving up a variety of Indian favourites – including curries, samosas and tandoori bread – what they’re best known for is their Indian Kebab. Pick a curry, choose either plain or garlic naan and top it all with an aloo chop (potato croquette) or onion bhaji and you’re ready to devour it in the nearest gutter while waiting for your Uber. Delicious. It’ll soak up those voddy sodas and you’ll still be tasting it in the morning, but for less than a tenner, it’s our pick for the best late-night eats in Sydney.

What We Like: The fresh ingredients.
What We Don’t Like: Slow orders.

Address: 86 Oxford St, Paddington NSW
02 9331-4183
Trading Hours:
4-11pm (Tuesday-Thursday; Sunday) 4pm-2.50 am (Friday-Saturday)

Untitled design 2
Image: Big Poppa’s

2. Big Poppa’s

From rock ‘n’ roll to hip hop, Big Poppa’s is the place for those who want to head bop their way into the early morning. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see the mural of Biggie Smalls beneath your feet as you walk in, and the sounds of classic and modern hip hop and RNB playing from the speakers above. Specialising in modern Italian meals, all of which can be paired with a selection of hand-curated wines, sit back and vibe with the non-stop hip hop as you chow down on some great food. If you’re not looking for a big feed, Big Poppas also have you covered with their menu of share plates and platters of cheeses, fine meats, and fruit. So, sit back, reflect on how It Was A Good Day, and dig into something Juicy while you’re In Da Club (or, Big Poppa’s, rather).

What We Like: Stays open late.
What We Don’t Like: Small dining area.

Address: 96 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010
+61 04 9905 2201
Trading Hours:
Mon-Sun 5pm-3am

Big Poppa’s

Untitled design 3
Image: Barrio Cellar

3. Barrio Cellar

Just past Martin Place hides this neat, dimly lit underground tequileria and eatery known as the Barrio Cellar. With a focus on tequila and Mexican street food, Barrio Cellar is a great spot for some fast, delicious late-night food in Sydney, and the tequila kick you need to keep your night going. To match their vibrant food, ranging from your Mexican standard of guac and chips to tacos and quesadillas, you’ll also be hearing beats from their resident DJs on Friday and Saturday nights. We recommend picking your favourites from their taco menu, for a variety of filling flavours that’ll leave you feeling full and satisfied. Or, for the truly hungry, a serving of their chicken nachos, which combine the crumbed chicken of schnitzel with the Mexican nacho favourites of spiced black beans, queso, salsa, and corn chips.

What We Like: Friendly atmosphere.
What We Don’t Like: Tables fill up quickly.

Address: 58 Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW 2000
+61 02 92327380
Trading Hours:
Tues-Fri 12-11pm, Sat 6-11pm

Barrio Cellar

Untitled design 4 1
Image: Butter

4. Butter

If The Colonel isn’t giving you the same kick he used to, and you’re looking for fried chicken that’ll blow your socks off, Butter is the late-night Sydney restaurant for you. Fried chicken is everything to the staff at Butter, so much so that you’ll have a hard time finding anything that doesn’t include chicken in some way on their menu. Because it’s their specialty, you’re in safe hands for your next fried chicken fix, with a crispy, shattering fried batter protecting a moist, mouth-watering cut of chicken within (we can tell you’re drooling right now, and we can’t blame you for it). For those looking for something a little different, you can sink your teeth into their fried chicken ramen, a delectable fusion of western and eastern cuisine that’ll have you slurping up a storm. At Butter, everybody’s heard about the bird, and now you have to.

What We Like: The chicken wings.
What We Don’t Like: Orders take too long.

Address: 6 Hunt Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010
+61 02 8283 9146
Trading Hours:
Mon-Wed 11am-10pm, Thur-Sat 11am-late, Sun 11.30am-10pm


Untitled design 5 1
Image: Old Mate’s Place

5. Old Mate’s Place

If you’re looking for somewhere suave to cap your night off, you should be heading down to Old Mate’s Place. While they’re a little hard to find, you’ll be glad you did, as after walking up a few flights of stairs you’ll be warmly welcomed in by the well-dressed staff of Old Mate’s Place. The furniture is old and rustic, as is their bar, which is littered with fine spirits and wines for you to taste. If you’re lucky, you could even be invited up to their rooftop seating area and bar, where you can bask in the sounds and atmosphere of late-night Sydney. The late-night food menu covers all things from cheeses and finger foods to their wide range of cheesesteaks, which is traditionally a roll filled with meats, roasted vegetables, and of course, cheese (Sounds good, right?).

What We Like: Their cleanliness.
What We Don’t Like: On the expensive side.

Address: Level 4, 199 Clarence St, Sydney NSW 2000
Trading Hours:
Tues-Thur 4pm-2am, Fri-Sun 2pm-2am

Old Mate’s Place

Untitled design 6
Image: The Unicorn Hotel

6. The Unicorn Hotel

The Unicorn Hotel makes our list of the best late-night food in Sydney because they provide the classic, hearty pub feeds we all know and love. We’re of course talking about your chicken schnitzels and your parmis, but their menu isn’t limited to just these options. For the lighter eaters, you’ll find bar snacks like Jatz crackers and dips, and for the vegetarians, you’ll be looked after with their veggie schnitzel, veggie burger, and even veggie lasagna. Of course, because The Unicorn Hotel is also a pub, you’ll find a great variety of beers on tap, as well as wines and cocktails. Get in on a Tuesday night with some mates, and you can even enjoy pub trivia with Big Daddy Howie. With all these great meal options and a pub atmosphere that’s near impossible to replicate, you’ll find it hard to pass The Unicorn Hotel without stopping in for a drink and a feed late at night.

What We Like: Variety of food options.
What We Don’t Like: Overpriced alcohol selection.

Address: 106 Oxford St, Paddington NSW 2021
[email protected]
Trading Hours:
Mon-Tues 4pm-10pm, Wed 4pm-12am, Thur 4pm-3am, Fri-Sat 12pm-3am, Sun 12-10pm

The Unicorn Hotel

Untitled design 7
Image: Arisun

7. Arisun

If you’re looking for somewhere a little more multicultural for you late-night feed in Sydney, you should try dropping into Arisun. A family-owned business (that’s been in operation since 1942, so you know they’re doing something right), Arisun is traditionally a Korean food restaurant, with influences from Chinese and Japanese cuisine. This means that you can have the best mix of all these cuisines on one plate, as found in their famous Korean fried chicken, signature black bean noodles, and a wide variety of smoke-grilled meats. Enjoy your meal with friends, family, or just by yourself, as a mix of K-pop and current hits play around the restaurant, further demonstrating Arisun’s great mix of culture and representation. If you need to be eating your late-night food on the run, to catch that last train perhaps, you can get one of Arisun’s bento boxes to go, with options of miso glazed salmon, kimchi pork fried rice, and even hamburg bento.

What We Like: Knowledgable staff.
What We Don’t Like: High prices.

Address: Shop 35/1 Dixon St, Haymarket NSW 2000
+61 02 9264 1588
Trading Hours:
Mon-Thur 12pm-12am, Fri-Sat 12pm-2 am, Sun 12-11pm


Untitled design 8
Image: El Loco

8. El Loco

El Loco is next on our list of the best late-night food in Sydney, as a restaurant with an atmosphere and food so good they just couldn’t get rid of them. Originally set up as a short-term, pop-up shop, El Loco took up residency in Surry Hills and has been serving some of the best Mexican you’ll find in Sydney ever since. For easy, late-night food that doesn’t require your cutlery or table manners, El Loco’s variety of tacos will be perfect for your night out. If you want to experiment with different flavour combinations yourself, you can order one of their DIY taco platters and create a taco the likes of which have never been seen—or eaten—before. And if you’re just looking for something light, El Loco also provides the Mexican fan favourites of guac, chips, and nachos.

What We Like: Good atmosphere.
What We Don’t Like: Confusing website.

Address: 64 Foveaux St, Surry Hills NSW 2010
+61 02 9114 7339
Trading Hours:
Mon-Wed 11am-12am, Thur 11-1am, Fri-Sat 11-3am, Sun 12-10pm

El Loco

Untitled design 9
Image: Manny’s Diner

9. Manny’s Diner Phillys & Pizza

Pizza is undoubtedly a staple of late-night feasts, and Manny’s Diner is all about that lifestyle. Here you’ll find classics of pizza on the menu, your margarita, pepperoni, and supremo, along with fancier and experimental pizzas like Mary’s eggplant, rosemary tatoes, and the Philly pizza. The Philly pizza is closely followed on the menu by the increasingly popular Philly cheese steaks, along with a wide range of hot dogs. To tell a long story short, if you’re hungry on your late-night adventures, and need a greasy, meaty, cheesy feed to get you home and leave you feeling full, Manny’s Diner will have something for you. And, although it doesn’t sound like it from the menu items we’ve mentioned, there are vegetarian options as well, like the veggie Philly or Manny’s garden pizza.

What We Like: Good value for the food.
What We Don’t Like: Can become busy quickly.

Address: 66 Regent St, Chippendale NSW 2008
+61 02 9698 3526
Trading Hours:
Mon-Thur 10.30am-12am, Fri 10.30am-2am, Sat-Sun 11am-2am

Untitled design 10
Image: Goros

10. Goros

Goros is exactly what you need if you’re getting those late-night stomach growls, but you don’t want your night to stop while you’re getting food. Goros is a Japanese bar and restaurant, with karaoke. We repeat, with karaoke. So, you can fill up on their gyoza (dumplings, pan-fried), their yakitori (meat skewers), or classic burgers (delicious meat in buns, but you knew that) while you rock out with your mates. Do it like they do in Japan with some bubble tea, whisky, and sake, or if you really want to keep the drinks going, one of Goros sake banger bombs, which is sake mixed with beer or Redbull. Just remember to chew and swallow before you bust out that crescendo, for the sake of the microphone and everyone around you.

What We Like: Games available.
What We Don’t Like: On the expensive side.

Address: 84/86 Mary St, Surry Hills NSW 2010
+61 02 9212 0214
Trading Hours:
Wed-Thur 5 pm-1am, Fri 3pm-3am, Sat 5 pm-3am

Untitled design 12
Image: Mary’s Circular Quay

11. Mary’s Circular Quay

For late-night eats in Sydney, you can’t go past Mary’s Circular Quay, or more specifically, their upstairs burger restaurant Ratpiss. Sitting atop Mary’s Underground, one of Sydney’s most iconic live music venues, Ratpiss serves up some of the best traditional burgers Sydney has to offer (proving that you can’t judge a book by its cover, or slightly graphic name). The regular menu covers all burger grounds, from cheeseburgers to chicken, and what’s even better is that all burgers come with fries. What makes the menu particularly unique at Ratpiss, is that almost all the burgers from their regular menu can be altered to become vegan burgers. This means that everyone is welcome to chow down on the tasty burgers of Ratpiss, and afterward keep the party going downstairs at Mary’s Underground.

What We Like: Vegan and vegetarian options.
What We Don’t Like: Tight sitting area.

Address: 7 Macquarie Pl, Circular Quay NSW 2000
Trading Hours:
Tues-Wed 12-10pm Wed, Thur 12pm-12am, Fri 12pm-1am, Sat 4pm-1am

Mary’s Circular Quay

Untitled design 13
Image: Low 302

12. Low 302

Closing out the list of spots for late-night food in Sydney is Low 302. While the Surry Hills institution is best known for its quirky list of cocktails, served elegantly by the team of expert bartenders, the bar is also available for some tasty treats. Low 302 has a full kitchen that serves everything from light bar snacks to full dinner mains. Even better, the menu has been designed to pair seamlessly with the cocktail list.

What We Like: Selection of deserts.
What We Don’t Like: Long wait times.

Address: 302 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010
Trading Hours:
Wed-Sat 5pm-2am

Key Things to Consider for Late Night Spots

The key factors to keep in mind when deciding where to go:

  • Price – how expensive is your dish is.
  • Variation – menu variety and ability to make changes when needed.
  • Ambience – late night spots should have a great atmosphere.
  • Quality of Food- a good late night spot should have freshness at the forefront of their menu.
  • Service – good service makes the experience at a late night spot an enjoyable experience.

How We Chose This List of Late Night Spots

We curated this list with personal experience, customer reviews, and online research. From burgers and pizza to fried chicken and even vegetarian/vegan options, we’ve got all bases covered in this list of 13 spots for the best late-night food Sydney has to offer.

Alternatives to Late Night Spots

Keep the fun going through the night by checking out some of our other favorite places in Sydney. If you like drinks, take a look at our picks for the 31 Best Bars in Sydney. If you want to take a friend or significant other to a cool place around the city, choose one a place from our list of 65 Fun Things To Do in Sydney.

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General FAQ

Where should I eat late at night in Sydney?

Frankie's Pizza is great for a late night feed in Sydney. Located right in the heart of the CBD, this American-style pizza bar has great atmosphere and caters to any price range.

What food is open late in Sydney?

While not quite a 24-hour city, Big Poppas and Barrio Cellar are a few restaurants that are open late in Sydney.

Is eating late at night unhealthy?

Eating before bed can affect your sleep, as your body will still be digesting food. For most health-conscious people, eating fewer carbohydrates before bed is advised.