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7 Best Tattoo Shops in Perth | Man of Many
This list was compiled through personal experience and online research, as well as through commentary from expert Tattooists.
How We Chose this List of Perth Tattoo Shops
Best for: Sleeves
1. Primitive Tattoo
AnotherPerth tattoo parlour around since the late 90s, Artful Ink have a range of resident tattoo artists to choose from. This includes the brand’s founder Agung Irianto, who specialises in free-hand tribal and oriental/Japanese work. With over 20 years of experience in the Perth area, you’ll be sure to find an artist who will bring your vision to life.
2. Artful Ink
Best for: Color
3. Bloodlines Ink
Best for: Low Prices
4. Lost City Tattoo
This Perth tattoo parlour has two locations in the city and with several different artists working in-house, they’re sure to have an artist to bring your concept to life. We’ve got to say, after looking at so many tattoos while researching this list, the previous work gallery for Holdfast Tattoo still manages to stand out as seriously cool to us. A tonne of bright colours and unique tattoo designs come out of this shop, so if you’re looking for something a bit more out there, this could be your first port of call.
5. Holdfast Tattoo
Established in 1993, WA Ink Tattoo is one of Fremantle’s busiest tattoo shops, and for good reason. With 11 artists in house working on all styles of tattoos, you’ll be sure to find an artist that can manifest your vision and bring it to life. This includes some seriously impressive and realistic portrait work that you can see on their website.
6. WA Ink Tattoo
The key factors to keep in mind when deciding where to go:
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