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75 Funny Tinder Pick-Up Lines for Guys | Man of Many

The list of the best Tinder pickup lines is a varied one. With a healthy dose of cheesy pick up lines, a few sneaky puns and a couple of overt approaches, you’re sure to find whatever you’re looking for here. Beyond this, it’s up to you to close, though. Don’t complain to us if you can’t seal the deal.

Best Tinder Pick-Up Lines for Guys

Whether you are an experienced Tinder pick up artist, or this is your first foray into the swipe life, it’s always a good idea to brush up on your skills. Start first by assessing your own personality and asking yourself the question; what kind of Tinder guy am I? Are you funny? Witty? Thirsty? Whatever you are, you have to own it and this will help you formulate the best Tinder opener for you. Here’s what you need to consider when creating good pick up lines on Tinder.

Things to Consider Before Hitting Send

Don’t just copy and paste the same funny Tinder pick up line to 50 different girls. You aren’t a telemarketer, you’re better than that. What’s more, they deserve better. Think about crafting a unique pick up line that plays off something you notice or admire in her, that only someone who has paid attention to her profile will know. This way when she reads it, she knows she’s copping a great pick up line created solely for her. It’s about making a match feel special.

Personalise Each Pick-Up Line

This probably isn’t what you think it is, but it relates to your target audience. When it comes to the best Tinder pick up lines, it pays to think of your words as a sniper not a shotgun. Rather than focusing on targeting as many girls as possible, you should fixate your attention on quality over quantity, going for the best possible girl for you. Don’t just swipe and message blindly.

Depth Not Width

Don’t fire off Tinder pick up lines about steak if your match is a vegan. Tailor your introduction to suit your audience, Remember the best way to make a lasting impression is to nail the first one. A simple piece of advice is to read her bio. It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many guys fail to take the easy option.

Consider Your Audience

It goes without saying, but you should really know where and when to draw the line. Don’t push something that isn’t there. Instead, think about what it would be like to be a girl on Tinder. No doubt your Superlike cops a barrage of messages every hour, so rather than shooting off a cheesy pick up line and waiting for the kudos to roll in, your pick up line should grab her attention. What’s more, if she doesn’t respond, don’t take it to heart and definitely don’t reply. Sending two messages back to back reeks of desperation and comes across more than a little creepy. Hedge your bets and move on, remember it’s all about respect.

What It’s Like to Be a Girl on Tinder

Like we said, it pays to do your intra-personal research. Once you’ve worked out the type of personality that best suits you, you’ll be better placed to launch into the best Tinder pick up lines. Here’s the three most common Tinder openers;

Styles of Pick-Up Lines

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