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The Retirement Plan Trailer

Nicolas Cage Goes On a Hilarious Killing Spree in ‘The Retirement Plan’ Trailer

Nicolas Cage goes from being a retired beach bum to a ruthless killer in the outrageously wacky red-band trailer for The Retirement Plan. Shot in the Cayman Islands, the upcoming action comedy, written and directed by the talented Tim Brown, follows the journey of Ashley, portrayed by Ashley Greene, a young mother, and her daughter Sarah, played by Thalia Campbell. Their lives take an unexpected turn when they find themselves entangled in a dangerous criminal plot, putting their very existence in jeopardy. Desperate to safeguard her daughter, Ashley is compelled to seek help from the one person who can make a difference – her estranged father, Matt, a retired hitman turned beach bum, brought to life by the eternally watchable Nicolas Cage. 

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The Retirement Plan Trailer
Image: Madman Entertainment

According to The Retirement Plan‘s synopsis, “Their reunion is fleeting as they are soon tracked down by crime boss Donnie (Jackie Earle Haley) and his lieutenant (Ron Perlman). The bad guys get more than they bargained for because Matt is not the wacky character he appears to be.” The trailer is packed with spot-on humour, thrilling action, and Nicolas Cage’s exceptional performance. It kicks off with an unexpected visit from Sarah, Matt’s granddaughter, who appears out of thin air. “I haven’t seen my daughter and now her daughter shows up on my front doorstep but not a word,” remarks Cage’s Matt.

Following their surprising reunion, Sarah shares her concerns about her mother, revealing that she might be in some sort of “trouble.” The scene swiftly transitions to Ashley, who finds herself captured by a group of menacing individuals and is tasked with recovering a vital hard drive from the island. When Ashley and the mercenaries reach the island, Cage’s Matt butchers them all to rescue her daughter. “The old guy. He keeps killing everybody. Everybody!” Perlman’s Bobo exclaims at one point in the trailer.

The retirement plan trailer
Image: Falling Forward Films

Later in the trailer, Ashley reveals to Matt that the bad guys won’t leave their trail until they’re all dead. When the goons come knocking the next time, Matt kills several of the pursuing enemies in a gripping battle, leaving his daughter utterly surprised. Ashley’s world is turned upside down as she uncovers the truth about Matt’s “secret past” as an assassin. Judging by the unfolding events, it looks like Matt’s retirement days are numbered and his past life is poised to catch up with him once again.

Upon the trailer’s reveal, director Tim Brown said, “I am thrilled to be working with Falling Forward and Productivity Media on the theatrical release of this film. I’m super grateful to Nic and the rest of the cast, and being able to watch this film in theatres is a childhood dream come true.” The film is rated “R” for “violence and pervasive language.”

The Retirement Plan hits theatres on August 25, 2023.