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How to Get the COVID-19 Disaster Payment | Man of Many

Residents in New South Wales and Victoria are now eligible for the Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment, a scheme aimed at reducing the burden on impacted Australians in the wake of the COVID-19 conditions. But with so much uncertainty surrounding the government’s plan to extend or end the current wage programs, what does the new addition really mean?

What is the Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment?

To access the government’s COVID-19 disaster payment, you can not have more than $10,000 of liquid assets or be receiving any type of Centrelink payments. Further, the Commonwealth must have declared the area a hot spot. At this stage, the seven local government areas eligible are:

Who is Eligible for the Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment?

If you are looking to get the COVID-19 disaster payment, you will need to follow the steps laid out on the Services Australia website. According to the guide, here is how to get the COVID-19 disaster payment:

How to Get COVID-19 Disaster Payment

The payment is $500 a week for people who usually work more than 20 hours a week who are now no longer being paid. For those working less than 20 hours per week, the COVID-19 disaster payment is $325. According to the latest announcements, even if the state restrictions and federal hotspot designation are lifted after Friday, eligible recipients will still receive either the $325 or $500 payment, as the money is triggered on the eighth day, rather than being paid on a pro-rata basis.

How Much is the COVID-19 Disaster Payment?

However, in order to receive the Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment, you must meet the criteria. For NSW residents, this means you may be eligible if NSW Health has told you to self-isolate or quarantine. They need to give you these directions for any of the following reasons:

Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment Criteria

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