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where to buy face masks australia

30+ Places to Buy Face Masks in Australia

It’s at the point where we should all have at least one face mask on hand at all times, and in some cases, they’re now mandated. You wear one not only to protect yourself but to look out for our fellow citizens around you, as we all aim to control the spread. When it comes to buying a face mask, we’ve got you covered (excuse the pun) with a roundup of the 53+ best places to buy face masks in Australia. Our list has a focus on reusable face masks and includes those available internationally.

With many parts of the country and the world going into strict lockdowns, searches for face masks have skyrocketed. Thankfully, what was once a very difficult item to find has become much easier to access necessity. There’s so many to choose from these days you have the freedom to express yourself with different styles and patterns! So strap in, get your filters ready and prepare to be protected, we’ve listed everything from reusable, washable, stylish camouflage, cool fabric, and every face masks in between.

Face Mask Guidance

First of all, let’s go through the bare essentials. According to the CDC:

  • A cloth covering should fit both snugly and comfortably,
  • Secured with ties or ear loops, and
  • Include multiple layers of fabric (three layers is best), that allow breathing without restriction.

Tips for buying face masks:

  • Look for three layers of fabric.
  • Don’t microwave your face mask (seriously, people try it).
  • Only use a disposable mask once.
  • Avoid dampness.
  • We’d also recommend you buy a waterproof option with an outer layer for best results.
  • Make sure they’re machine washable without causing damage.
  • Remember, your mask is only as effective as your hygiene and distancing.

It should be noted that if N95 Filters are in critical supplies, they should be reserved for healthcare workers.

Why You Should Wear a Face Mask?

There are a number of reasons why you should be wearing and face or a protective mask. From a national standpoint, the health department said in advice published on 9 July that masks were recommended where “community transmission is occurring and where physical distancing was difficult”.

Since then, both the Victorian and New South Wales Government have made the decision to make masks mandatory statewide under certain circumstances. The only exceptions being children, those with a medical reason and in circumstances where “it’s just not practical, like when running”. Despite this, however, Victorians and those in New South Wales should expect to carry a face covering at all times “to wear when you can”. Teachers will not need to wear face-coverings while teaching, but students will. Teachers and students will need to wear a mask on the way to and from school.

While the Australian Governments stance is notably firm, there is new advice surrounding their use in Greater Sydney. State Premier, Gladys Berejiklian has recently mandated that people wear masks in indoor spaces, where physical distancing is not guaranteed. In NSW face masks are mandatory in the following indoor settings:

  • Shopping (retail, supermarkets and shopping centres)
  • On public/shared transport and waiting areas for public/shared transport
  • Indoor entertainment (including cinemas and theatres)
  • Places of worship
  • Hair and beauty premises
  • Visiting an aged care facility.

How to Wear a Face Mask?

Victorian chief health officer Dr Brett Sutton revealed in a video posted to YouTube, the correct way to wear a face mask.

“A mask should fit securely around the face, specifically covering your nose and mouth areas,” he said in the video. “The mask should fit snugly on your face and be secured by ties at the back of your head or ear loops”. Another important consideration to factor in is the need to wash your hands prior to touching your mask. Be sure to sanitise your hands before putting on and taking it off and don’t touch the front of the mask while it’s on. You should not take off your mask to talk to others. Remove it by the ear straps, not by pulling it off from the front.

55+ Best Places to Buy Face Masks in Australia

It bears reminding that due to the recent announcement’s from the premier, there is an unprecedented number of people attempting to buy face masks in Australia. Don’t be surprised if some of the choices on this list have already sold-out, however, that isn’t always the end of the line.  The options from local suppliers such as Chemist Warehouse provide a good option when online stores sell out, so keep an eye out. Most of the places will update their websites daily to keep consumers abreast of what is happening. Just because the title says ‘sold out’, doesn’t mean it won’t be available tomorrow. It pays to check-in daily. The other thing to mention is delivery times, as due to the high demand, you might be waiting upwards of 4-5 days for your mask. Be prepared to wait.

Here is a list of 55+ best places where you can buy face masks in Australia:

1. Everlane 100% Human

When you buy an Everlane 100% Human face mask, not only are you doing the socially responsible thing, you’re also supporting the fight for human rights. The best part, these come in a pack of five and are machine washable. Get amongst this Australia.

Quantity: Five-pack
Price: AUD$37
Material: Cotton

Buy it here

buy face mask australia - Casetify Reusable Cloth Mask

2. Casetify Reusable Cloth Mask

These reusable face masks are made with breathable cotton materials, washable, and fitted with a filter to help fight the spread of illness. You can also donate one Australia wide to someone in need.

Quantity: Individual
Price: USD$15
Material: Cotton

Buy it here

Buy Face Masks Australia - SafePro

3. SafePro Reusable

Aussie-born business SafePro Masks was launched to fill the gap in the market for quality, comfortable and adjustable coverings. With a comfortable Nose-Fit design and a water-resistant outer layer, the SafePro reusable mask is constructed to get you through COVID safely.

Quantity: Variety
Price: From AUD$20
Material: Polyester

Buy it here


4. Adidas Face Mask

In what could be the steeziest addition to the list, Adidas has just announced fabric face masks available for purchase. Available in black and blue, these are perfect for the streetwear conscience fans and athletes.

Quantity: 3-Pack
Price: AUD$25
Material: 93% Recycled polyester, 7% elastane

Buy it here

5. Brixton

Upcycled from their own apparel, Brixton have put together a new series of facial coverings. Refocused, re-stitched and damn good looking, if you need to buy face masks in Australia, Brixton’s options are as stylish as they are safe.

Quantity: Single
Price: $14.95
Material: Cotton

Buy it here

buy face mask australia - kathmandu

6. Kathmandu

We know Kathmandu for its excellent range of outdoor gear, but the brand is also offering some of the best face masks Australia has seen. This option combines two yarn technologies that work together to reduce the build-up of moisture and heat.

Quantity: Variety
Price: AUD$14.98
Material: Merino wool

Buy it here

buy face mask australia - cotton on

7. Cotton On

These cotton coverings are tested to a KN90 standard and filter at least 90 per cent of airborne particles down t pm2.5. Cotton On’s release is also able to filter particles including general pathogens and air pollution.

Quantity: Variety
Price: 3 for AUD$20
Material: Cotton

Buy it here

8. AFM Filtering

Australian made offering filtering from AFM, these will protect you from allergens whilst still being breathable and washable. Made with three distinct layers, these face masks are some of the most comfortable around.

Quantity: Single
Price: AUD$19.90
Material: Cotton & Neoprene

Buy it here

buy face mask australia - my medical

9. Chemist Warehouse

This is a premium six-layer 3D option that covers your mouth and nose. It also has a 5-layer mesh filter and is available online, making it an easier places to buy face masks in Australia.

Quantity: Variety
Price: AUD$14.99
Material: Cotton, polyester

Buy it here

Uniqlo Airism

10. Uniqlo Airism

Known for its affordable quality and style Uniqlo applies its Airism technology to its face mask. The three-layer design features a first and third layer made from light, flexible AIRism mesh for enhanced breathability and protection. The second layer contains a built-in micro-filter that blocks 99% of particles such as bacteria and pollen.

Quantity: 3-Pack
Price: AUD$19.90
Material: Cotton, polyester

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buy face mask australia - Papinelle Silk Face Mask

11. Papinelle Silk Mask

While silk on its own might not be the best protection against a virus, this sleek number has room for a filter. Ideal for those who have sensitive skin and aren’t planning on venturing outside for too long, this is one of the more interesting face masks for sale in Australia.

Quantity: Variety
Price: AUD$39.95
Material: Silk

Buy it here

buy face mask australia - Ford Millinery Masks 4 Mates

12. Ford Millinery Masks 4 Mates

These reusable, 100 per cent cotton face masks are simple, effective and highly beneficial, for you and others. Five per cent of every sale goes to a charity in need.

Quantity: Variety
Price: AUD$29.95
Material: Cotton

Buy it here

buy face mask australia - the social studio

13. The Social Studio Reusable

This comfortable, cotton, adjustable and tested to a KN90 standard covering won’t just benefit your health, but other people’s. One hundred per cent of proceeds are directed to empowering youth through quality education and access to healthcare via the Cotton On Foundation.

Quantity: Variety
Price: AUD$12
Material: Cotton

Buy it here

buy face mask australia - oscar hunt

14. Oscar Hunt Tailors

That’s right, face maks are getting the made-to-measure treatment thanks to the tailoring team at Oscar Hunt. To curb the new mandates, Oscar Hunt is creating triple-layered option, complete with a 100 per cent linen inner piece, polyester/cotton interlining, 100 per cent cotton or linen outer piece. Completely hand-made by Oscar Hunt’s in-house tailors, you can score one of these coverings by contacting the brand directly.

Quantity: Variety
Price: AUD$25
Material: Linen, cotton, polyester

Buy it here

buy face mask australia - homie

15. HoMie

HoMie is a streetwear brand with a mission. One hundred per cent of the profits from each sale goes to supporting people impacted by homelessness or hardship. The brand’s masks feature two protective layers with 320gsm of filtration, made up of high-performance 100 per cent polyester interlock fabric

Quantity: Variety
Price: AUD$25
Material: Polyester

Buy it here

buy face mask australia - Ge Label face mask

16. Ge Label

Melbourne-based Ge Label makes some fun and bright accessories and the latest face masks are no exception. They’re made from three layers of 100% cotton fabric, and available in four fly prints.

Quantity: Variety
Price: AUD$29.95

Buy it here

buy face mask australia - NBA

17. NBA

After winning the NBA Championship last season, who wouldn’t want to walk about in an LA Laker’s face mask? Apart from maybe Celtics fans, this fashionable option is a great addition to your wardrobe and your memorabilia collection. They’re being sold in packs of three, with each addition having a unique design.

Quantity: Packs of 3
Price: AUD$20.40
Material: Polyamide knit

Buy it here

18. Breathe Easy Australia

Made from polyester and cotton, the Breathe Easy Australia face masks do exactly what they say on the box.

Quantity: Variety
Price: AUD$18.14
Material: Polyester and Cotton

Buy it here

19. Monster Threads

Offering some of the best face masks for kids, Monster Threads comes through with some cute options that don’t skimp on safety. Offering three layers of cloth, you can rest easy knowing your little monster is protected wearing Monster Threads.

Quantity: Single
Price: AUD$9.95
Material: Cotton

Buy it here

daniel ptarick

20. Daniel Patrick

Aussie-born streetwear designer Daniel Patrick has made a name for himself crafting premium sweats and tops, but his latest line of protective masks are stylish and safe. Constructed from 100% nylon, machine-washable and water-resistant. These are available in red acid, white acid, camo and additional assorted colours for a reasonable price. They also offer kids options intended for ages 4+.

Quantity: Single
Price: AUD$19
Material: Nylon

Buy it here

 Velvet and Tonic Designer Face Mask

21. Velvet & Tonic

Some of the most stylish options you can cop, the extensive range from Velvet & Tonic is COVID couture. The non-medical covering is made in Victoria and offers a vast number of different styles, patterns and designs. The high-fashion covers are constructed from a two-layer cream linen blend lining, ideal for the Aussie suffering from a lack of luxury.

Quantity: Single
Price: AUD$39.90
Material: Linen blend

Buy it here

Best Fabric Face Masks - Nordstrom

22. Amazon

It’ll come at very little surprise that Amazon stocks a range of masks, both reusable and disposable. You may have to trawl through a lot of stuff to find something you like, but it does come with Amazon’s quick delivery.

Quantity: Variety
Price: AUD$10 – $80
Material: Cotton & Neoprene

Check it out

buy face masks melbourne - Cargo Crew

23. Cargo Crew

Melbourne’s Cargo Crew is probably best known for its workwear, but the label’s protective masks are more than worth the price. The brand has started taking pre-orders for its three-layer protective coverings, which are made from 100 per cent breathable cotton.

Quantity: Single
Price: AUD$9.99
Material: Cotton

Buy it here

buy face masks melbourne - kuwaii

24. Kuwaii

Victorian fashion favourite Kuwaii has added some fantastic new additions to their online store. Additionally, $5 from every purchase will be donated to a rotating COVID charity.

Quantity: Single
Price: AUD$25
Material: Cotton blend

Buy it here

buy face masks Sydney - clear collective

25. Clear Collective

Ideal for Sydney locals, the Clear Collective protective mask is triple-layered and comes with two filters. This anti-odour cotton covering is a great entry-level option. Whatever your face shape or size, Clear Collective is close to the top when it comes to the best face masks Australia has seen.

Quantity: Single
Price: AUD$49.95
Material: Cotton blend

Buy it here

Clinical Supplies Surgical Masks Sydney

26. Clinical Supplies Surgical Masks

Clinical Supplies offers a range of bulk buying options. The surgical masks are three-layered and provide daily protection from allergens, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful airborne pollutants.

Quantity: 50, 100, 200, 500
Price: Starting from AUD$69.96
Material: Cotton, polyester

Buy it here

buy face mask australia - Black Reflect'o

27. Black Reflect’o

A double layer cotton option with a soft lining and a Reflect’o piece on each cheek. This is one of the sleekiest options Australia has seen and a worthy addition to your COVID-fighting wardrobe.

Quantity: Variety
Price: AUD$29
Material: Cotton

Buy it here

buy face masks australia - Sam Lloyd masks

28. Sam Lloyd Masks

Inspired by the need to provide coverings that assist in stopping the spread of coronavirus, creative Sam Lloyd is getting in on the action. These comfortable, 100 per cent breathable cotton coverings feature a five-layer filter system with a P2.5 activated carbon filter. If you want to buy face masks emblazoned with your favourite footy team, Sam does that too.

Quantity: Variety
Price: AUD$24
Material: Cotton

Buy it here

buy face masks australia - The Air Mask

29. The Air Mask

Made from 100 per cent eco-friendly moisture-wicking bamboo fabric, the Air Mask is light, comfortable and highly durable. Even better, this covering comes with five-layer filters that block over 97 per cent of micro airborne pollution up to 0.1micron. Thanks to its triangle-valve system, this is one you can wear during any activity from working out to grocery shopping. All you have to do is replace the filters after four weeks of use, and you can wash the Air Mask in the washing machine or by hand.

Quantity: Variety
Price: Starting from AUD$56
Material: Bamboo

Buy it here

Buy face masks Australia - Buck mason

30. Buck Mason

Los Angeles-based menswear label and Man of Many favourites, Buck Mason has just unveiled a new option. The M1 All-Day Anti-Microbial Face Mask is made from a soft triple-layer, 4-way stretch Pima cotton fabric that was developed exclusively for Buck Mason. This covering also scores an anti-microbial coating, reinforced seams for increased durability, and adjustable straps that redistribute the weight from the back of the ears to the back of the neck, and allow for a more customisable fit.

Quantity: 5-Pack
Price: Starting from USD$30
Material: Pima cotton

Buy it here

Buy face masks Australia - Gary Bigeni

31. Gary Bigeni

Sydney-based designer Gary Bigeni has stepped up to help combat the spread of COVID-19, producing coverings for the first time. Each design is individually hand-made to order in Gary’s local studio using leftover polka dot fabric from past collections. The masks are available in three colourways and are crafted with 100% cotton.

Quantity: Single
Price: Starting from AUD$25
Material: Cotton

Buy it here

buy face masks australia - CastleGrade G-Series

32. CastleGrade G-Series

The G-Series from CastleGrade is ethically made from medical-grade silicone and utilises a replaceable filter. Thanks to the silicone design, the cover fits snugly around your face to ensure a tight seal, resulting in less infectious transmission. This face mask looks great and is easily sterilised, but best of all, it’s got Martha Stewart’s tick of approval. If it’s good enough for Martha, it’s got our vote.

Quantity: Single
Price: Starting from AUD$59.95
Material: Silicone

Buy it here

buy face mask australia - crazysales

33. Crazy Sales

You can buy face masks in bulk with this website. You can score a 40 pack of KN95 masks or a single, whatever takes your fancy.

Quantity: Varied
Price: AUD$19.98-$200
Material: Woven fabric

Buy it here

11 Best Face Masks Available in the U.S.

Here is a list of the 17 best face masks you can buy online in the U.S.:

1. Huckberry Tri-Fold Woven Face Mask

Our friends over at Huckberry have put together a 2-pack of understated woven face masks. Designed as an understated essential, the Tri-Fold optimises comfort, function, and shape-retention. You can even customize the fit thanks to the adjustable nose bridge. Better yet, Huckberry will be donating 10% of proceeds to the Opportunity Fund’s “Small Business Relief Fund”, a program established to support small businesses hit by the economic effects of COVID-19.

Quantity: 2-pack
Price: US$18
Material: Poly-cotton blend
Filter: Machine-washable

Buy it here

Best Fabric Face Masks - hedley and bennet THE WAKE UP & FIGHT MASK

2. Hedley&Bennet Wake Up & Fight mask

These non-medical masks were designed in collaboration with Dr Robert Cho, a paediatric orthopaedic surgeon at a local children’s hospital. Featuring room to place a disposable filter within the fabric mask for an added layer of protection, this one is a worthy addition to your arsenal.

Size: 3-Pack
Price: USD$45
Material: Cotton or Cotton/Polyester blend
Filter: Replaceable

Best Fabric Face Masks - United By Blue

3. Salvaged Hemp Blend Face Mask

Crafted to CDC specifications, these double-layered face masks include space for a filter and are made responsibly in China from deadstock fabric. Featuring a range of different styles, whatever mask you choose you’ll certainly have the coolest one on the block.

Size: 3-pack
Price: USD$20
Material: Hemp, Organic Cotton, and Recycled Polyester (percentages vary per mask)
Filter: not included

Buy it here

Best Fabric Face Masks - Linesmand runabout goods

4. RunaboutGoods

These triple pleat one-size-fits-all masks from RunaboutGoods are some of the most stylish masks we have come across. Available in a range of different designs and colours, each one provides a superior fit, with the visuals to impress. An aluminium wire sewn into the top of the masks allows wearers to mould the mask to their nose for a tighter, more secure fit.

Size: multiple
Price: US$45
Material: 9oz. Japanese woven 60% Wool 40% Cotton Blanket Lining fabric
Filter: Black woven 100% Poly fusing

Buy it here

Best Fabric Face Masks - WInter Sessions

5. Winter Session

Simple. That’s what the Winter Sessions are all about. Reusable fabric face masks made from two layers of densely woven cotton fabric, available in a bunch of colours. If you want basic, but don’t want to skimp out on quality, then Winter Session is the way to go. Plus with each one purchased, another will be donated to a health care provider through the non-profit Cover-Up Colorado Initiative.

Size: single, 2-pack, 4-pack, 6-pack or 10-pack
Price: US$14, $26, $48, $65 or $100
Material: Cotton
Filter: 80% polyester / 20% nylon non-woven textile (additional filters are US$5 for a 10-pack)

Buy it here

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Best Fabric Face Masks - Buckmason mask

6. Buck Mason Anti-Microbial

A pack of five non-medical, reusable face masks with an anti-microbial coating on the inside layer that will last wearers up to 30 wash cycles. Available in a range of different colours, with each one purchased, Buck Mason will donate one to those in need. If you’re wondering where to buy face masks with a mission, Buck Mason has you sorted.

Size: 5-pack
Price: US$20
Material: Anti-microbial jersey cotton or 65 poly/35 rayon blend, depending on style received
Filter: not included

Buy it here

Best Fabric Face Masks - St John Knits

7. St. John Blue Pique Knit

St. John wants you to find serenity with their sleek and soft blue pique knit masks, giving you that peace of mind when you’re out and about in the middle of a pandemic. Plus with each purchase, St. John will donate three masks to those in need.

Size: Single Purchase
Price: US$45
Material:25% Poly, 75% Rayon
Filter: not included

Buy it here

Best Fabric Face Masks - Sanctuary Clothing

8. Sanctuary Men’s Fashion PPE Masks

Sanctuary’s PPE Mask gives you the barrier to protect you from the ‘rona, while also giving you the confidence to practice social distancing in style. Available in an assortment of signature prints including black camo, heritage camo and a bandana style, each silhouette will turn some heads.

Size: 5-pack
Price: US$28
Material: 100% cotton muslin
Filter: 100% polypropylene melt-blown

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Best Fabric Face Masks - Parachute Home

9. Parachute Face Masks

Following the CDC-recommended design, the Parachute brand features layers of 100% cotton fabric sewn together, free of harmful chemicals and synthetics. With the soft-touch cotton against your skin, you’ll help slow the spread of COVID-19 in style.

Size: 5-pack
Price: US$30 presale
Material: 100% cotton sheets
Filter: not included

Buy it here

Best Fabric Face Masks - Baggu


We’ve saved the most colourful face coverings for last, with this reusable Fabric Mask Set from BAGGU with a whole bunch of crazy designs and colourways. If you’re into hues and saturated colours, then BAGGU is the right choice for you. Featuring an adjustable strap and nose wire for a comfortable and secure fit. Also, for every pack sold, BAGGU will donate a pack of surgical masks to healthcare workers through the Masks4Medicine initiative. It’s good to give back.

Size: 3-pack
Price: US$32
Material: 100% Kona Quilter’s Cotton
Filter: not included

Buy it here

ryland life equipment

11. Ryland Life Equipment Camp Isidro Vintage Mud Cloth Mask

A limited-edition collaboration between celebrity fashion photographer and local artist Dean Isidro and Hank Cashmere, the new Camp Isidro collection available at RylandLife Equipment features this stylish face mask. It is crafted using upcycled materials and indigo dye technique to create a unique face mask looks as good as it feels.

Size: Single
Price: US$33 (Currently sold-out)
Material: Assorted upcycled material
Filter: not included

Buy it h

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General FAQs

Do fabric face masks work?

Using a fabric face mask will not completely prevent you from catching the COVID-19 virus, however, studies have shown that it will significantly reduce the rate an infection spreads

Do all face masks come with a filter?

No. many face masks are designed to hold a removable filter, and as such may not come with a filter installed. It is important to make this distinction before purchasing and using the face mask.

Are face masks PPE?

Face masks are not considered PPE, and it is important to note that the general public shouldn't necessarily be wearing PPE masks. With a major shortage across the globe, PPE masks should be reserved for frontline workers who come in close contact with known sufferers of COVID-19. In the general public's case, where there is little direct contact with contagious persons, a fabric face mask will more than suffice.