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How to Shave the Right Way Using Shave-Oil | Man of Many

Wash your face thoroughly in the shower with a moisturising face wash. This will allow you to soften your hair and skin, as well as opening up your pores allowing dirt and grime build up to be washed away. This exfoliation will also make you skin smoother, providing a smoother surface for your blade to slide across.

Step 1: Pre Soak Hair

Dispense a few drops of shave oil into your palm and rub and apply it to your face. Remember to rub it up and down many times in order to lift the hair follicles  of your skin as well as massaging it into your skin and hair. By lifting the hair you are able to cut it more evenly and at a closer angle. Don’t go overboard, too much oil will clog your razor and make shaving difficult.

Step 2: Apply Oil

This step is optional but is suited for those with sensitive skin. The benefit of this step is that there is greater lubrication between the blade and the skin, therefore limiting the razor burn.

Step 3: Apply Shave cream

When shaving always use a clean sharp razor. Too many people try and milk the razor, and the complain that their face is irritated from the shave.

Step 4: Shave

Once you have finished shaving wash your face with cold water by either splashing some on or using a clean wet towel.This will close the pores and cool the face down. After you are finished use a clean towel to dry your face.

Post Shave Care

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