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using shave oil to shave

How to Shave the Right Way Using Shave-Oil

A poor shave can leave your face feeling like you’ve used sand paper as an exfoliant. Unfortunately—like many other things in this world—shaving has succumbed to the societal norm of rushing everything and using an improper technique, leading to an undesirable end result. It doesn’t matter if you’re heading out on an icy winter day or into a 30+ degree heat wave, shaving poorly will leave you with irritated skin that will be further aggravated by the elements, highlighting your poor technique and subpar grooming equipment.

With that in mind, here’s how to shave the right way using a premium shave oil, like that from Milkman Grooming Co., which pairs perfectly with your choice of a multi-blade, cutthroat or fat tip razor. Some folks use shave oil incorrectly and miss out on its amazing benefits, so if you want to achieve a superior shave just follow these easy steps.

How to shave the right way using shave oil

Step 1: Pre Soak Hair

Wash your face thoroughly in the shower with a moisturising face wash. This will allow you to soften your hair and skin, as well as opening up your pores allowing dirt and grime build up to be washed away. This exfoliation will also make you skin smoother, providing a smoother surface for your blade to slide across.

Step 2: Apply Oil

Dispense a few drops of shave oil into your palm and rub and apply it to your face. Remember to rub it up and down many times in order to lift the hair follicles  of your skin as well as massaging it into your skin and hair. By lifting the hair you are able to cut it more evenly and at a closer angle. Don’t go overboard, too much oil will clog your razor and make shaving difficult.

Step 3: Apply Shave cream

This step is optional but is suited for those with sensitive skin. The benefit of this step is that there is greater lubrication between the blade and the skin, therefore limiting the razor burn.

Step 4: Shave

When shaving always use a clean sharp razor. Too many people try and milk the razor, and the complain that their face is irritated from the shave.

When you’re shaving always go with the grain initially. If you are someone who likes a close shave then you can do a second pass going with the grain. Remember when shaving to always have a cup of warm water next to you in the sink, this is used to clean out the excess shave oil and built up hair on the razor. Its removal is imperative as a clogged razor increases the gap between the blades and makes for an inefficient, uncomfortable shave.

Please Note:

  • If you have sensitive skin then be cautious of shaving against the grain. As the hairs are facing the direction of the blades motion, greater friction is happening between the blades and the skin and there is a higher chance of irritation, ingrown hairs and razor bump if your face isn’t used to frequent shaving.
  • The shave oil is not just limited to traditional razors. If you use an electric razor you can apply a small amount of oil before you shave.
milkman shave oil instructional

Post Shave Care

Once you have finished shaving wash your face with cold water by either splashing some on or using a clean wet towel.This will close the pores and cool the face down. After you are finished use a clean towel to dry your face.

During any shaving process, layers of skin are being stripped away and minor abrasions are being caused on the skin. This process causes dryness and irritation. While the shave oil contains ingredients with hydrating properties, for the best results on your skin use an aftershave product. We recommend applying a hydrating balm to your face once it’s dry. This will moisturise your skin as well as reduce irritation caused by shaving to keep you looking and feeling fresh.

Rather than seeing shaving as a burden or a hindrance, use the time you have doing it to focus and centre yourself before the day begins. A bad shave can leave your face irritated which can makes you start your day off on the wrong foot.

Your face is what people know you for, if you mistreat it then how do you expect others to treat you well. So spend that 5-10 minutes extra to focus on yourself and leave your house feeling as good as you look.

Ps. Did you know shave oil can also be used to improve the shave you get from an electric shaver? This video below shows you how.

General FAQ

What is shave oil for?

Shave oil is used by men as a pre-shave lubricant to protect the skin from irritation, cuts, and nicks when shaving.

Is shaving oil better than shaving cream?

Shaving oil should be applied before shaving cream to soften the facial hair and increase skin pliability. Shaving oil should not be used in place of shaving cream, but in addition to.