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Tyson Fury's Diet & Workout Plan | Man of Many

After the draw against Wilder, Tyson Fury’s weight gain rendered him more or less down for the count. At least, that’s how it looked to anyone unfamiliar with his pendulum-like backstory. Determined to fight once again, he embarked on a slow but impressively effective path to recovery.

Tyson Fury’s Diet Plan

True to form, Tyson Fury’s history of working with trainers is as erratic as the boxer himself. After splitting from his uncle Peter, the undefeated heavyweight teamed up with trainer Ben Davison. It was Davison who helped Fury get back on his feet and prepare for the first fight against Wilder back in 2018.

Tyson Fury’s Workout Plan

Virtually anyone reading these words knows all about Tyson Fury, but here’s a refresher anyway. In 2015, he won pretty much every major heavyweight title except the WBC (which he didn’t compete for). By 2018, he’d vacated each title due to mental health issues, extreme weight gain, and the failure to honour the rematch clauses in his contract.

Who is Tyson Fury?

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