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Caviar iphone 14 feature 2

$200,000 Caviar iPhone 14 Takes Two Useful Things and Makes Them Useless

In case you need any more proof that the Rolex Daytona has reached peak ‘hypebeast’ status, we present you the Caviar iPhone 14 case with a Cosmograph Daytona embedded onto the back of it. Yes, it’s real, and so is the price tag at just over $200,000 AUD. We don’t expect these to be a big hit – if only for the cease and desist that’s about to land on the CEO’s desk – but if someone is truly stupid enough to buy one of these things for the flex, we can’t help but feel the second-hand embarrassment.

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Caviar iphone 14 top dials

Image: Caviar

The aesthetic qualities of the iPhone are hard to comprehend. The brand states that “The phone body is made in the style of racing cars of the 1930s, such as Campbell’s Blue Bird, which set a world speed record on the Daytona track.” We assume they’re talking about the 18K gold dials and switches on the rear of the device, but we see little to no resemblance at all. In fact, they look like the type of item you might find at your local hobby shop.

It gets worse still. The poor Rolex Daytona they’ve chosen to stick on the rear of the device is quite a lovely piece in its own right. Caviar states the watch is a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona ref. 116508, which relates to a 40 mm diameter, yellow gold watch, with 8 diamonds and a price tag anywhere in the $80-100,000 AUD mark.

Unfortunately, the combination falls short at every conceivable angle. The watch looks glued on, the smattering of gold dials and switches look tacky, and the use of honeycomb does nothing but remind us of the front grille of a Volkswagen Golf GTI which you could buy ten of for the price of this single iPhone. It’s no wonder Caviar is only selling 1 of the iPhone 14 Pro Max phones, they’ve had enough trouble moving any stock with a myriad of iPhone 13s in various materials still sitting on the website.

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Caviar iphone 14 grand complications

Image: Caviar

Caviar iphone 14 switches

Image: Caviar

Caviar iphone 14 side

Image: Caviar

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