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Sonos Ace

Sonos Ace Unveiled: $699 Headphones from the Premium Audio Powerhouse

In a move that audio enthusiasts have waited a very long time for, maker of premium home speakers Sonos has finally launched its debut set of headphones: Sonos Ace. And at first glance, I think the US firm may have a winner with these AUD$699 over-ear cans. 

From a recent (although brief) encounter I had with the headphones, I can say it appears Sonos has taken the high-end audio properties that made speakers like its Era 300 and Arc soundbar so well-regarded, placed them within a stylish, understated, and highly premium construction, and introduced some new features that ought to turn heads.

In short, Sonos has launched a compelling set of headphones with a number of signature offerings that will help it stand out within a crowded market. 

Sonos Ace
Sonos Ace | Image: Sonos

Sound Quality

Along with the Bluetoooth, Active Noise Cancelling (ANC), and Aware mode functionality that has become somewhat standard for the category—although the quality varies significantly from one product to the next—Sonos Ace promises a level of high-fidelity sound that should elevate it above competing headsets. 

According to Sonos, you’ll be able to “savour every second of your favourite song, podcast, or friend’s phone call thanks to Sonos Ace’s two custom-designed drivers that render each frequency with impeccable precision and clarity.” They certainly sounded the business during my brief time listening to them, offering a satisfying fullness and an impressive level of detail and nuance.

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Sonos Ace
Sonos Ace | Image: Sonos

Home Theatre Compatibility

While listening to music and podcasts will likely be most people’s primary use, the Sonos Ace can also enhance your home cinema experience. If, like me, you suffer from Overly Sensitive Neighbour Syndrome, there comes a point in the evening when you’re forced to become painfully aware of how loud your TV is. The Sonos Ace can help to solve this problem. 

At the touch of a button, you can instantly swap your TV audio to Sonos Ace from a compatible Sonos soundbar (starting with Sonos Arc and rolling out across the range in the months ahead). Thanks to spatial audio with Dolby Atmos, Sonos Ace will mimic not only the volume that was coming from your soundbar in the first place, but the specifics of its sound profile within your viewing space. What’s more, dynamic head tracking will mean that if you turn your head, Sonos Ace will replicate your soundbar listening experience. So if you turn your head to the left, the sound will shift in the headphones to come more prominently from the right side and vice versa.

In full transparency, when a Sonos rep first explained this functionality to me, I was sceptical of its real-world benefits. Sure, it was a clever point of difference, but did it genuinely enhance the home theatre experience? Then I tried it. I was floored by how much more authentic the experience felt. So if I’m going to watch my TV with headphones, the Sonos Ace way is how I want to do it from now on. 

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Sonos Ace
Sonos Ace | Image: Sonos

Battery Life and Build

When it comes to battery life, you can listen or talk using Sonos Ace for up to a respectable 30 hours, while ultra-fast charging is on offer if you find yourself in a tight spot — you’ll enjoy three hours of battery life with a quick three-minute charge using the headset’s included USB-C cable.

When it comes to build, Sonos Ace boasts among the most polished I’ve seen. The brand has used lightweight, premium materials (including vegan leather and memory foam) to enhance comfort, while the elegant hinge design is intended to create a perfect acoustic seal without catching on the user’s hair.

Plus, Sonos’ decision to use physical buttons is an absolute winner. I am so sick of trying to navigate the tap controls on headphone cups. They’re always inaccurate and just make me reach for my phone. When it comes to headphones, let’s stick to physical buttons, okay? Other brands, please take note. 

Sonos Ace
Sonos Ace | Image: Sonos


The Sonos Ace will be available in both Black and Soft White finishes for AUD$699. Pre-orders are open now with an estimated shipping date of June 6.

As a final point, it’s worth noting your smartphone OS of choice will impact your access to some of Sonos Ace’s higher functionality at launch. iOS support is available from day one, while Android support will come soon after — as an Android user myself, this is frustrating, but not a dealbreaker. Specific timings are yet to be confirmed.

Note: Keep an eye out for Man of Many’s full review of Sonos Ace very soon.

Sonos Ace
Sonos Ace in Black and Soft White | Image: Sonos