Sonos Ceiling Speakers Deliver Quality Sound from Hiding

For as long as there have been speakers, we’ve been looking for ways to hide them out of sight, but still be able to have the high quality sound we want. For a home, that’s been particularly difficult. If you wanted to have your music in each room, you needed separate systems. Sonos, in partnership with Sonance, has put together an in-ceiling speaker that breaks you free of multiple systems that sit conspicuously in the room. Instead, these speakers hide away in the ceiling, looking more like canned lighting than an actual speaker.

Sonos Ceiling Speakers cover

The term is “architectural passive speakers.” These speakers have been put together with the idea of disappearing. They are designed to be round, with an optional square if you prefer that shape, and have grilles that can be painted to match your ceiling. But what’s really important is the sound. The Sonos speakers have been specially tuned to work with Trueplay to create ambient listening from anywhere in the room. Using the Sonos Amp, you’ll get the high quality sound you want. Plus, that sound will be customized to work with the size, construction, and furnishing of any room.

Sonos Ceiling Speakers back view

The ceiling speakers are just one option from this line, with in-wall and outdoor speakers also being available. The speakers sell in a pair and are priced at $599.

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