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Fujifilm x h2 review 2

Review: Fujifilm’s New Flagship X-H2 Mirrorless Camera is its Fastest and Sharpest Yet

For the past few months, the photography industry has been hearing steady rumblings about Fujifilm’s brand new flagship mirrorless camera, but this week, all was revealed. The stunning Fujifilm X-H2 has officially been released and after spending two weeks shooting, framing and scoping out scenes, we can confirm that we’ve come a long way since the silver 3-megapixel point and shoot with a tiny screen and 8x zoom we used to pocket in the mid-2000s. The new release, unveiled on 11 September, joins the lineup of popular X Series cameras and its sister model the X-H2S released in May.

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Fujifilm x h2 review 1

Fujifilm X-H2 Mirrorless Camera | Image: Fujifilm

We got our hands on the new X-H2 to test out with a XF56mm F1.2 lens and the magical combo did not disappoint – especially when it came to portrait, low-light capture and video. While we don’t claim to be technical photography experts by any means, we found Fujifilm’s latest mirrorless offering to be excellent both in build and picture quality. Naturally, Fujifilm agreed.

“We are very pleased to launch the highest resolution camera in the history of X Series, and we are highly confident that this new model will be a success in Australia,” Ryuichi Matoba, the new CEO of FUJIFILM Australia said upon its release.

“Fujifilm are continuously challenging Full Frame. With the release of the twin flagship models, X-H2S and X-H2, Photographers and videographers can now choose the best solution to meet their content creation needs,” Shaun Mah, general manager of Electronic Imaging and Optical Devices of FUJIFILM Australia added.

Fujifilm x h2 review

Fujifilm X-H2 Mirrorless Camera | Image: Fujifilm


For loyal Fujifilm fans and enthusiasts, the X-H2 mirrorless body design features the classic retro cam styling the brand’s become well known for. If you’ve owned a Fujifilm camera before, you’ll be able to easily find your way around the familiar dials, buttons and LED menu functionalities. The stand-out feature of the X-H2’s body would have to be its prominent hand grip, providing a comfortable shooting experience knowing you’ve got a pretty solid handle on the camera. While it does have a slightly chunky form factor, we found the lightweight approach to the design was actually quite comfortable.

Fujifilm hasn’t put as much attention into ergonomics as some of the other camera brands on the market, but it’s never really an issue for the iconic nameplate. This time around, the X-H2 fits the palm easily and doesn’t feel overly hefty while in use. We can definitely see this one becoming a handy dual addition to the photographer’s arsenal, easily interchangeable if necessary, but competent enough to do the trick all of its own accord. That’s where the features really come into play.


The X-H2 features a new back-illuminated 40.2MP X-Trans CMOS 5 HR sensor and a high-speed X-Processor 5, which in layman’s terms means it’s able to capture massively high-quality stills and its processor is lightning fast – the fastest a Fujifilm camera has ever been. The new sensor also means you can record 8K video internally at 30P for approximately 160 minutes in AppleProRes, which is quite impressive.

The autofocus uses amazing Deep Learning technology and can automatically detect and track whether you’re shooting a bird, a child’s soccer game or snapping a portrait. The maximum shutter speed of 1/180,000 sec with the electronic shutter might even give The Flash a run for his money. The X-H2 also features a new 3-inch tilting and touch-sensitive LCD screen and a high-resolution EVF screen. Previous models sported an LED screen and although the LED to LCD upgrade may seem like a minor alteration, it actually makes a significant difference in comparison.

Russell ord

Image: Russell Ord

Image Quality

Tom hegen

Image: Tom Hegen

Russell ord remi flament

Image: Russell Ord/Remi Flament

Supalerk narubetkraisee

Image: Supalerk Narubetkraisee

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Image: Supalerk Narubetkraisee


Fujifilm’s latest mirrorless iteration is available at the new Fujifilm House of Photography and all major camera retailers from September:

What’s in the box?

  • Fujifilm X-H2 Body Only
  • NP-W235S Lithium Battery
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Plug Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Body Cap
  • Hot Shoe Cover
  • Battery Grip Connector Cover
  • Memory Card Slot Cover
  • Sync Terminal Cover
  • Cooling Fan Connector Cover
  • Cable Protector

Bottom Line

Overall, the Fujifilm X-H2 is quite impressive. Having been hobby-shooting on a Fujifilm X-T2 the last couple of yours, the X-H2 feels leagues ahead and would be perfect for a Fujifilm fan looking for an upgrade. If video is more your wheelhouse, it’s definitely one to look at as well. It’s marketed to photographers at an advanced-enthusiast to professional level, so if you’re just starting out and not quite willing to fork out the investment, it may be wise to look into the other Fujifilm x models.

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