Tag Heuer Introduces Connected Modular 45 Watch

A true gadget in the era of self-empowerment and customisation, Tag Heuer’s second-generation smartwatch is all about choice. Essentially every spare part in the Android-wear Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 is interchangeable, meaning not just the strap and buckle but the lugs and case as well. Most importantly, the watch module is up for grabs, whereas the user can choose between electronic and mechanical according to his personal taste in style and gear. And just in case we haven’t driven the point home that Tag Heuer’s latest goes big on options, allow us to mention that it comes available in up to 56 different versions with over 400 different features to choose from.

tag heuer modular watches all accessories

Tag Heuer has big expectations on their new smartwatch. It’s offered at a hefty price point but it delivers the goods and improves on its predecessor in virtually every department. Among other things, the watch aims to bridge the best of Swiss engineering with the best of Silicon Valley technology. On the Swiss side that means offering certified tourbillon (if the buyer opts for mechanical movement) and the highest standards in terms of design, finish and detail. On the the tech front, expect an Intel Z34XX processor, AMOLED display, GPS, 4GB of RAM and Android Wear 2.0. The Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 Smartwatch is also water-resistant to 50 metres and equipped with a lithium battery that can supposedly last over 24 hours.

tag heuer modular watch frame and strap

With their latest smartwatch, Tag Heuer appears to be aiming for the full spectrum of style and performance to the point of transcending its own niche. Everything from the features to the colours to the materials can be customised, often at the swipe of a finger. In essence it’s dozens of watches in one–perhaps the only sure fire way to remain relatively timeless when so many trends are fleeting. Some reviewers are scoffing at the cost and pointing to a smartwatch industry that’s not necessarily failing but not necessarily thriving either. However, Tag Heuer thinks the market will dictate otherwise. Whatever happens, it’s one heck of an ambitious wearable!

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tag heuer modular black gold color watch

tag heuer modular display design

tag heuer modular waterproof

tag heuer modular google map

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