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Lenovo Leans on Aston Martin for Speedy ThinkStation PX

Cars or computers – with either one, the name of the game is speed. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a reliability factor as well as a dose of good looks. Perhaps that’s why Lenovo invited British luxury car maker Aston Martin to partner on a new workstation. The Lenovo x Aston Martin ThinkStation hits the speed requirement while adding the famed car brand’s stylish flair.

To get the kind of performance necessary to live up to the Aston Martin name, Lenovo updated its desktop workstations with 4th gen Xeons and Nvidia RTX 6000s. The new P5 workstations can handle Intel’s Xeon W processors at up to 24 cores and support DDR5 memory. It also adds in a dose of PCIe 5 for some extra performance and speed.

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Lenovo ThinkStation PX | Image: Lenovo

The P7 ups the ante even more, adding Xeon W CPUs with up to 56 cores and three GPUs. And at the top of the range is the PX with 120 CPU cores and is rackable. “We partnered closely with Intel, Nvidia, and Aston Martin to ensure these new systems offer the best of form and functionality by combining a premium chassis with ultra high-end graphics, memory, and processing power,” states Rob Herman, the vice president of Lenovo’s Workstation and Client Ai Business unit.

Aside from speed and performance, the most notable influence of Aston Martin on the new Lenovo ThinkStations is its appearance. According to Lenovo, the new computers are “directly inspired by Aston Martin’s iconic DBS grand tourer, applying design insights from the high-performance automotive segment to a desktop workstation.”

In addition to the “redesigned air baffles and larger 3D hex ventilation openings, along with Lenovo’s patented trip-channel cooling system” for “unobstructed airflow—ensuring maximum cold air intake and hot air exhaust,” the Aston Martin and Lenovo melding applies Lenovo’s red design language to Aston Martin’s design philosophy. The result is a sleek machine with just a hint of menace to it.

Check out the Lenovo ThinkStation PX

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Lenovo ThinkStation PX | Image: Lenovo

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