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IKEA Launches Sjomarke Qi-Compatible Charger

Keeping your electronic devices charged can be a challenge at times, what with having to drag around cords and plugs, and then trying to find an available outlet. Fortunately, wireless charging had made it easier in many regards. But, if you’re not willing to swap out all of your furniture in order to replace it with items that have wireless charging stations already built in, then your options are pretty limited. Like so many things in our modern life, IKEA has a solution for that problem. Thanks to their Sjomarke Qi-compatible charger, you can turn your desks, shelves, nightstands, coffee tables—just about anywhere into a wireless charging station.

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The Sjomarke wireless charger measures seven inches by three inches, providing plenty of space for you to find that sweet spot for charging. The device is encased in plastic—so it’s not that great to look at, but that’s not its purpose. The idea is to be able to hide that charging pad away on the underside of a surface. To do that, you just mount the Sjomarke where you want it using tape or screws.

The surface you mount too needs to be at least 8mm thick and no more than 22mm, and can be of any material except metal. IKEA also provides a cross sticker to put on the top of the surface so that you know where to place your device. Beware, however, that this device is not meant for direct charging—you need that surface between the charger and your device.

Ikea hidden wireless charger


And in true IKEA fashion, the Sjomarke is very affordable, coming in at just $39.99. That’s a price that easily beats out the competition. For that low price, you’ll get a Qi 1.2.4 charging standard, which supplies 5 watts of power (it’s not a fast charge, but it will charge your device). It’s well worth the cost to add this little device to your existing furniture, and thus making your life that much simpler.

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