Microsoft Surface Hub 2S Digital Whiteboard Makes Meetings More Effecient

Oftentimes, meetings require both a large screen and a whiteboard. When Microsoft introduced the Hub, it combined the two. The new Microsoft Surface 2S Digital Whiteboard takes the next step. Slightly smaller than the original (50 inches instead of 55), the new version slimmed down the screen, cutting back the bezels and the weight as well as making the screen thinner.

The Hub 2S offers 3,840 pixels by 2,560. It also changes the aspect ratio from the more traditional 16:9 to 3:2. For those looking for a bigger screen, an 85 inch has been announced and will be available soon.

digital whiteboard on meeting

The Hub 2S is powered by an 8th-gen Intel Core i5 processor and boasts 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of SSD storage. It also comes with eight integrated microphones, dual speakers, and a dedicated subwoofer. The audio combines with the 4K camera for conference calls. You can use the Surface Hub 2 Pen to draw on the screen, capturing notes, edits, and ideas right on a presentation.

microsoft whiteboard

One disadvantage to digital whiteboards is that they are typically mounted to a wall, so you’ll have to book that conference room to be able to use it. The Hub 2S comes with a portable battery pack that allows the digital whiteboard to be mounted on a movable stand. With a two hour charge, there’s no need to find an outlet and you can take the Hub 2S to your meeting instead of vice versa.

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