Retrofit Your Tesla 3 with a Wireless Charging Pad

Between launching cars into space and selling out of flamethrowers, hero/madman Elon Musk and his brand Tesla somehow neglected to design a wireless phone charger. But luckily the aptly named company ‘Tesla Wireless Pad’ have created a wireless charging solution custom made to integrate it into the Model 3.

Tesla Wireless Pad is the first wireless phone charger designed explicitly for Tesla, having been retrofitted to the centre console to meet the needs of the vehicle’s owners.

retrofit tesla 3 car inside

Compatible with any Qi-enabled or integrated phone, the Tesla Wireless Pad charges as fast as a standard phone charger and can charge phones with cases up to 6mm thick.

It only takes three steps to install the Wireless Pad which can charge two phones simultaneously and thanks to its textured design, can absorb shock, all while maintaining your phones positioning.

The first Tesla Wireless Pads are designed exclusively for the Model 3, with the Model S and X vehicles slated to receive compatible charging pads shortly after launch.

retrofit tesla 3 charging pad

The Tesla Wireless Pad has already amassed close to 3,000 reservations for its Wireless Pad that’s set to launch officially in April 2018. The Tesla Wireless Pad will have a price of US $99.

If you don’t own a Tesla but still want in-car wireless charging, take a look at Belkin’s new Boost Up range.

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