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2024 LG QNED TV lineup announced | Image: LG

LG’s Monster 98-Inch QNED TV Proves Bigger is Always Better

In the world of high-performance TVs, bigger is always better. Over the years, we’ve seen the likes of Samsung and Sony stake their claim on screen real estate, offering more pixels than you can poke a stick at. In 2024, the race for TV space is still on and LG has taken an early lead. The South Korean tech giant has unveiled its 2024 lineup of QNED and QNED Mini LED TVs, including a whopping 98-inch monster that boasts LG’s top-tier TV performance.

Last year's 2023 LG QNED75 TV will be upgraded to receive the new a8 AI Processor | Image: LG
Last year’s 2023 LG QNED75 TV will be upgraded to receive the new a8 AI Processor | Image: LG

Revealed ahead of CES 2024, the new LG QNED lineup offers a glimpse into the brand’s plans for the calendar year. This time around, AI is playing an integral role in the way consumers will interact with their tech products, namely through personalisation. According to LG, all of the new QNED models will be powered by the a8 AI Processor, which will reportedly improve graphic performance and processing speed.

While that might sound like a tired line that gets recycled most years (spoiler alert; it is), LG has managed to put the processor to work in some rather unique ways. Setting its sights on a ‘more refined visual representation’, LG has introduced AI Picture Pro; a new format that is based on deep machine learning. As the brand explains, “this versatile feature distinguishes faces, objects, and backgrounds within a scene, enriching the texture and fine details to present realistic images”.

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Last year's 2023 LG QNED lineup | Image: LG
Last year’s 2023 LG QNED lineup | Image: LG

From there, LG says Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro will split the picture into blocks, anlysing each in realtime to detect the darkest and brightest areas to deliver the most premium three-dimentional image quality. Admittedly, the intergration does sound intriguing and coupled with LG’s already industry-leading image quality technology, could make for a very enticining TV offering.

In terms of sound, the 2024 LG QNED and QNED Mini LED TVs come fitted with AI Sound Pro, a next-gen technology that works to produce virtual 9.1.2 surround sound from the TV’s built-in speakers. Factor in the fact that each model is just 29mm ide and you start to get the picture as to how impressive that really is.

Last year's 2023 LG QNED86 will be upgraded to receive the new a8 AI Processor | Image: LG
Last year’s 2023 LG QNED86 will be upgraded to receive the new a8 AI Processor | Image: LG

Of course, no new television release would be complete without a multitude of sizes and specs, which LG has been more than happy to plug. The latest QNED offerings will be available in. 43-, 50-, 55, 65-, 75- and 86-inch sizes, however, special mentions must go to the category-first 98-inch beast. The ultra-large new TV takes the very best of LG’s pixel-dense technology and splashes it across a rankly ludicrous canvas, making for one serious piece of home entertainment kit.

“The LG 2024 LG QNED TV lineup takes the viewing experience to a whole new level with an advanced processor that enables outstanding audio-visual experiences across various screen sizes, while also providing a personalized user experience tailored to each individual’s unique lifestyle and preferences,” Baik Seon-pill, head of the LG Home Entertainment Company’s Product Planning Division said. “We remain committed to delivering an unparalleled customer experience, drawing upon our decade-long expertise with webOS.”

The 2024 LG QNED TV lineup will be available to view at CES in Las Vegas, with the first models to be released later this year. There is no official word yet on pricing, however, this information is expected to be revealed at CES 2024 on January 9-12.