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LG Unveils a Gargantuan 272-inch 8K Micro LED TV

Off the back of unveiling the “world’s first” high-resolution stretchable display, LG Electronics has revealed another futuristic display solution, this time in the form of a gigantic 272-inch 8K Micro LED television. Presented in Barcelona, Spain, at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2023, LG is demonstrating “cutting-edge digital signage solutions” using various technologies, including Micro LED, Transparent OLED Signage and LED, that could pave the way for even larger TV screens for you and me.

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Lg magnit 272 inch tv 3

Image: LG

Adopting the theme of Life, Be Bloomed for this year’s ISE, LG presented its innovative display solutions, offering “a world of possibilities and the power to make life better, each and every day.” In a press release, the brand said it created the new display solutions to foster better business communications, deliver clear visibility and integrate seamlessly in various commercial environments that convey the emotion and dynamism of stunning digital artworks in a new way.

Described as “truly jaw-dropping”, the enormous 272-inch LG MAGNIT 8K Micro LED (model LSAB007) uses millions of self-emissive micrometre-scale pixels to produce images with remarkable brightness and depth, with an 8K resolution (7,680 x 4,320) that delivers “razor-sharp detail.” Thanks to its enormous size and exceptional picture quality, LG envisions the Magnit 8K displaying media art in public settings, building control rooms, boardrooms, and corporate and hotel lobbies.

Lg magnit 272 inch tv 1

Model 55EW5G-V display | Image: LG

Beyond the 272-inch 8K Micro LED screen, the LG Magnit offers synchronisation with LG’s Transparent OLED Signage (model 55EW5G-V) displays. Visitors to the ISE booth will see both sides of the LG exhibition hall’s entrance covered in 56 OLED signage displays, creating “an incredibly immersive media art experience” brought to life by LG’s “cutting-edge display technologies.”

Black immersion is improved via LG’s own Full Black Coating technology, which removes a package surrounding R, G, and B LED chips, delivering “surprisingly” much deeper black than the conventional package LED signage. With its “superbly” high contrast ratio, narrowed wave length for accurate colours, Alpha 7 intelligent image processing, HDR support and wide viewing angle with minimal colour distortion, LG promises “immersive and eye-popping visuals that make every viewing experience memorable.”

Lg magnit 272 inch tv

Image: LG

LG has also taken the time to toughen up its Display Solutions, using several layers of coated film to limit damage from water drops, dust, static electricity or physical impacts that come with public installation. Also on exhibit at ISE is the “eye-catching” Floating CUBE LED, an LED sculpture consisting of four 2K LED displays (model LSCB012) that present “strikingly three-dimensional anamorphic digital art that moves and flows across the displays’ surfaces” with seamless 90-degree corners.

LG’s senior vice president and head of the information display business unit, Paik Ki-mun, says the brand’s advanced display innovations are “far more than just screens for presenting content.”

“Our display solutions can help you connect, create, communicate and collaborate – expanding and digitalising your daily experience in a host of convenient, new ways.”

Maybe we should get one for the Man of Many offices…

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