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Sony Drops ‘World-First’ QD-OLED TV, Finally Gets into Mini-LED

While LG might have its hands clasped firmly around the high-tech television market, Sony isn’t far behind and the brand’s latest efforts have done nothing to damage its reputation. At CES 2022, Sony announced its new TV line-up, including the first-ever QD-OLED screen, but that wasn’t even the biggest news. In a shock move, the brand announced the first foray into the world of Mini-LED technology, kicking off with the awe-inspiring 42-inch OLED model. Sure, Sony might be a little late to the party on this one, but judging by the seriously impressive specs, it’s better late than never.

Sony tvs 1

Image: Sony

The prized release in the new lineup is the Sony MASTER Series Z9K, and for good reason. The 8K TV is the first to feature the new Sony Mini-LED technology, alongside an ‘XR Backlight Master Drive’, which is an innovation the brand claims will control local dimming. Considering Sony’ TVs have always had the wood over competitors in the contrast stakes, it appears the brand may be doubling-down on its biggest benefit, big being the operative word. Sony has confirmed the new MASTER Series Z9K will be available in 75-inch or 85-inch models, so if you’ve got a spare wall or two available, this might be just the thing you are looking for.

Next up was the Sony MASTER Series A95K, which is the first release to come with the new OLED panel, also known as QD-OLED. While not much is particularly known about the new tech, Sony did reveal some interesting facts that may have competitors hot under the collar. Not unlike Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology, the new QD-OLED promises to utilise individual pixel lighting to offer “the widest palette of colour to reproduce natural shades with every detail”. Alongside the increase in picture quality, Sony has upped the new 55-inch and 65-inch A95K models with Acoustic Surface Audio+, the brand’s much-loved sound technology.

Sony x90k

Image: Sony

Outside of the two major unveilings, Sony also dropped a few more affordable new releasea. The X95K is a non-OLED 4K TV with a Mini-LED backlight, while the A80K OLED 4K TV, which is the more feature-friendly OLED TV for CES 2022. After that, you delve into the standard (but certainly not basic) X90K 4K LED TV which features HDMI 2.1 and Acoustic Multi-Audio tech, as well as the X85K, which comes with Sony’s X1 processor instead of its newer XR processor and the entry-level Sony X80K.

To close the TV presentation out, however, Sony also dropped a bit of a bombshell, unveiling the Sony Bravia Cam. A handy little addition, the camera and ambient sensor sit atop all 2022 Sony televisions and comes bundled with the Z9K Mini LED and A95K QD-OLED televisions.

Sony bravia cam

Image: Sony

Designed to boost the webcamming ability of your TV, the Bravia Cam can detect a person’s positioning, before adjusting the picture and audio using something Sony calls ‘Ambient Optimization Pro’. All in all, it’s a fancy way of saying, you’ll also be in focus, centre-stage and looking your best.

In terms of Sony’s big name releases, TVs generally stack up and this year, the brand didn’t disappoint. Wading into the deep waters of Mini-LED is just the first step in a long journey, but seeing what Sony has already unveiled, we could soon see a tussle at the top.

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Sony mini led

Image: Sony

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