Sydney Like You’ve Never Experienced Before

From the inner city to the eastern suburbs and beyond, renowned artist Jenni Sparks has hand-drawn this intricately detailed map of Sydney. Jenni’s take on Sydney is refreshingly honest, yet playful. It explores off the beaten path and looks past the usual tourist traps.

Having travelled down under and visited the local haunts herself, Jenni was able to capture the essence of what each suburb has to offer. Everything from the local architecture, coastal coves, street food, typography and graffiti has been hand-drawn in Jenni’s trademark, effortless style. The map is jam-packed full of Sydney’s rich heritage, including references to aboriginal culture, historical facts and the native wildlife.

jenni sparks sydney map top view

Having already drawn London, New York, Paris, San Francisco and Berlin, Sydney is the latest addition to the series, five years in the making. Surprisingly, the map is also a handy reference point for the local public transport.

This Sydney map is perfect for an office or creative space. It’s guaranteed to get people talking. Even if their productivity falls by the wayside. Jenni Spark’s Sydney Map is available now from £100 (approximately $182 AUD). A companion map of Melbourne will launch later this year.

Check it out

hand drawn map of sydney

sydney map by jenni sparks

hand drawn map of sydney art print

hand drawn map of sydney australia

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