Hot Wheels Rolls Out Remote Controlled Tesla Cybertruck

Three months after Tesla unveiled the all-electric Cybertruck with its Blade Runner-like design, Hot Wheels announces remote controlled versions, giving kids and Tesla fans a far more affordable alternative to the US $40,000 real thing. The Hot Wheels Cybertruck will be available in two sizes and are currently available for pre-order.

The 1:64-scale Tesla Cybertruck is 3-inches, which is around the standard Hot Wheels size and comes with a rechargeable remote control. The truck suits vertical and horizontal Hot Wheels tracks including loops and whatever other track accessories you may own. The standard retail price for this little guy is US $20.

hot wheels tesla cybertruck

The 1:10-scale Hot Wheels Cybertruck is one-tenth the size of the real world Cybertruck and is limited edition. The hobby-grade remote control has both Chill and Sport speed modes and can travel at speeds over 40 kilometres per hour (25mph) in all-wheel-drive. This big guy has working headlights and taillights, a Tonneau “Vault” cover, telescopic tailgate that folds out into a loading ramp and a removable plastic body to show the full interior. The 1:10 scale Cybertruck will be available for US $400. Pre-orders for this one have hit capacity but you can join the waitlist and hope more become available.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the Cybertruck back in November 2019 which became a viral sensation and not for all the right reasons. The drivable Cybertrucks are expected sometime in 2021. The Hot Wheels versions will be available shortly before with an expected release of December 2020.

In other Cybertruck news, Lego fans also got in on the action by building and pitching a buildable model of the sci-fi truck on the Lego Ideas platform.

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