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New King Kong Game Goes Viral For Being ‘Worst of the Year’

Skull Island: Rise of Kong has been going viral for all the wrong reasons. Released this week, gamers have quickly taken to social media to post video clips highlighting its bafflingly bad graphics and combat sequencing. However, it’s not just trolls dogpiling on the internet; even YouTube sensation penguinz0 has gone so far as to call it the “Worst Game of the Year.” While the developer team won’t be laughing, we’ve compiled our favourite reactions for your comedic pleasure.

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As you can see above, penguinz0 doesn’t mince his words. And neither do his followers, slamming the game from all angles in the comment section. One commenter took aim at the gameplay, sarcastically writing, “It’s nice of the developers to still make games for the Dreamcast!”. Others were perplexed by the proportions of the hairy protagonist, saying, “It’s actually impressive how the devs made a game where you play as King Kong and they designed the world space to make it feel like you’re just a regular-sized gorilla”. Shout out to all the Short King…Kongs

However, others took their frustration a little further. One posted clip, which now has over 70,000 likes on Twitter, warned others to “NOT BUY THE NEW KING KONG GAME. IT IS A COMPLETE SCAM”. Ouch, that review won’t make the promo. Others revelling in the online roast have compared the game to Daedalic’s Lord of the Rings: Gollum, which some labelled the worst game of the year. Check out the social media dunkfest below.

Players pointed fingers at GameMill, the publisher of Skull Island: Rise of Kong, as a significant factor behind the game’s disappointing outcome, with some saying, “GameMill, King Kong deserves better than whatever this is supposed to be.”

For those wanting to experience it for themselves, Skull Island: Rise of Kong retails for £44.99 / US$49.99 / AU59.95 on the PlayStation Store. However, PS Plus members can receive a 25% discount.

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