LEGO Ideas Presents Tesla Cybertruck Model

In a case of what might be a little bit of typecasting, LEGO Ideas has posted a building block version of Tesla’s Cybertruck. It’s not a hard stretch of the imagination to visual such a model—the real thing with its facets and sharp angles already looks like it was designed for the express purpose of LEGO lovers building their own version of the electric truck—but that being said, it does look like a fun build to put together.

Lego Tesla Cybertruck open engine area

The LEGO version of the Cybertruck was submitted by BrickinNick, who explained the reason for the submission being that both Tesla and LEGO Group have a goal of sustainability and of leaving a positive impact on the world. BrickinNick also points out that electric vehicles”have only been marginally represented in the LEGO set catalog,” which is interesting as LEGO offers electric motors for their sets. BrickinNick designed the build with “many different elements and functions of the Cybertruck.” Currently, the design has a working frunk (front trunk) and tailgate. BrickinNick envisions the design evolving to include passenger doors that open to reveal a full interior. A fold or slide out ramp could also be added along with opening charging port. The builder also points out that you could include steering and suspension as well as a Tesla ATV—all of which he is currently working on. And of course you could motorize the whole thing using LEGO’s electric motors.

Lego Tesla Cybertruck

The model measures 14 inches in length, 6 inches in width, and 5 inches in height. For LEGO to consider making the build an official set, it would need 10,000 votes, and that threshold has already been reached. “The Cybertruck reveal generated a crazy amount of hype and discussion,” says BrickinNick, “and having the project built and posted within just a week and a half of the reveal helped a bunch.” Just because the build reached 10,000 votes doesn’t mean that it’s a lock to becoming a set, but it’s hard to dismiss the amount of buzz that the Cybertruck is making. There would certainly be plenty of people interested in purchasing it. And throw in an Elon Musk minifigure, and these models might just fly off the shelves.

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Lego Tesla Cybertruck back view

Lego Tesla Cybertruck compartment at the back is open

Lego Tesla Cybertruck side view