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NBA 2K22 Season 3: Release, Rewards, Prizes

Season 3 in NBA 2K22 is one of the biggest yet with a Christmas Holiday theme that added a host of new gameplay features, winter events, skins, and animations all taking place in the heart of the City. Here you’ll find a lush, full Holiday tree laced with ornaments, twinkling strands of lights, and presents abound sitting at its base. Those on next-gen consoles can grab themselves a present on Christmas morning in-game!

Let’s check out the Season 3 prizes, events, reward requirements, and animations that have been added.

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Nba 2k22 season 3 racing suit


The rewards for Season 3 in MyCAREER have been released, including;

  • Level 40 Reward: Animated ‘Iced Out’ Bundle, featuring a classy top hat, and the illuminated Adidas sneakers.
  • Level 30 Reward: Glider (Next-gen), Illuminated BMX Bike (Current-gen).
  • Iced Out Racing Suit: 100 Wins in Park 3v3.
  • Iced Out Helmet: 100 Wins in The Rec.
  • New jumpshot animation
  • Iced Out Jewelry Pack.
  • Holiday Mask.

While we personally focused more heavily on reaching level 40 in MYTEAM last season, these new rewards add an enticing list to the mix, and the racing suit and helmet will definitely be something we look forward to unlocking as we progress throughout the season. That’s not all that’s been added though, check out the new events and gameplay updates below.

Fire and Ice Event: Taking place in the park this season, the fire and ice event will increase the speed in which you get your takeover, but with a timed cooldown after you make a basket it looks to keep things nice and balanced. Players have been asking for fresh new events, so we’ll see how this one plays out during the season.

Nba 2k22 season 3 rooftop

Rooftops: exclusive to next-gen consoles, this new single-player game mode will have you competing in a series of 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 competitions against players that take place exclusively on City rooftops, all orchestrated by the great Jackson Ellis. Convince streetballers to join your team by beating them on their own turf, then bring your custom-built roster into the final City Slam tournament, where you’ll compete in a variety of challenges against increasingly elite opponents.

Playing in the City Slam will earn you rewards, including a championship belt for winning the whole thing.

2XP Token Update: Unfortunately, those who held on to their 2XP token from last season in the hope of achieving a quick road to Level 40 this season will be shocked to find their tokens missing from their account. It’s clear at this point that NBA 2K understands how quickly the game can dry up if the path to 40 is too easy, as such, 2XP tokens will no longer carry over between seasons. Sadly, that means no more stacking tokens.

Nba 2k22 season 3 allen iversion galaxy opal reward


The rewards for Season 3 in MyTEAM have been released, including;

  • Level 40 Reward: Galaxy Opal Allen Iverson.
  • Ascension Reward: Pink Diamond Cliff Hagan.
  • Draft Reward: Pink Diamond Andre Drummed.
  • Limited Reward: Pink Diamond Dan Majerle.
  • Unlimited Reward: Pink Diamond Jason Richardson.

Clutch Time: This is a new game mode scenario introduced with 5-mins left in the game and a 4-point line. The shot clock will be set to 14-seconds to ensure quick gameplay, and if you and your opponent are tied going into overtime, the game will end with a sudden death basket – you make = you win. There are some other rules to be aware of as well, fouls in the last two minutes will result in free throws, there are no substitutions, and you’ll only get two 20-second timeouts!

All this madness takes place in a ballroom located on the lower floors of the Pink Diamond Plaza. Each season the ladder will be updated with new rewards, every 10-wins will result in a milestone price, and all other wins will reward players with a wheel spin with a guaranteed reward.

Nba 2k22 season 3 clutch time courts

Clutch Time Rewards – Season 3

  • Pink Diamond Damian Lillard (50 wins).
  • Ruby Julius Randle at (10 wins).
  • Diamond Al Horford (30 wins).
  • Pink Diamond Michael Redd, available on every wheel spin you earn in the mode.

A number of other rewards will be introduced into the game throughout the season, including a new Domination Tier that looks to deliver another Pink Diamond reward player, as well as a host of new basketball cards, City Jerseys, and City Courts into the MyTeam experience. As always, we recommend keeping your eyes peeled at the NBA 2k MyTeam Twitter account for any Season 3 locker codes to help build your team out along the way.

We can’t wait to check out the latest season of NBA 2K22, maybe we’ll go for Level 40 in MyTeam and Career this season… for more information, and to read the full courtside report click the link below.

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