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5 Reasons You Must Experience the Incredible ‘Rise of the Ronin’ on PS5

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From a compelling tale that pulls back the curtain on one of history’s most fascinating periods to a combat experience that raises the bar on sheer white-knuckle intensity, Rise of the Ronin is the must-play game of the moment. Offering an experience as masterfully crafted as the very finest of katana blades, it’s fair to say that Team NINJA—the legendary studio behind such titles as Ninja Gaiden and Nioh—have outdone themselves with their first fully open-world game. And what a world it is.

Having spent hours exploring this vivid recreation of 1860s Japan from end to end, we’ve narrowed our thoughts down to five key reasons Rise of the Ronin offers an adventure you simply don’t want to miss. Read on to discover all that awaits you in this incredible open world.

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Image: PlayStation AU

1. Story: A Turning Point in History

The expansive narrative of Rise of the Ronin places you in the shoes of a nameless warrior who’s trained from childhood to become one half of an unrelenting duo of intense sword-wielding power. However, when your “blade twin” makes the ultimate sacrifice during an assassination mission, you’re left with little choice but to embrace the role of a Ronin — a warrior without a clan left to wander the land as a sword for hire. 

That already sounds like the perfect premise for a thrilling video game, but Rise of the Ronin takes things even further. Opening in 1863, the game reveals Japan in the middle of a fascinating period of transition as it opens itself up to the influence of external powers like the United States and England. Not only does this create an atmosphere of political intrigue that you won’t be able to resist diving into headfirst, it also creates one of the most compelling combat offerings we’ve experienced thanks to its unique pairing of traditional Japanese weapons—like the aforementioned katana—with the firearms coming from the west. Speaking of which…

Rise of the ronin 2
Image: PlayStation AU

2. Combat: There Will Be Blood

Rise of the Ronin definitely doesn’t hold back when it comes to the fighting. Not only does it deliver a level of savagery that’s a sight to behold, there’s a level of depth to the fighting that ensures it only grows more rewarding the more time you invest in it. 

Taking the traditional combination of blows, dodges, blocks, and parries, and creating more depth through martial attacks (powerful special moves) and Counterspark (extravagant parry moves), Rise of the Ronin serves up thrillingly fast-paced and aggressive forms of combat that keeps things fresh with an impressively wide range of weaponry. You simply won’t find a more satisfying combat experience on the PlayStation 5.

Rise of the ronin 9
Image: PlayStation AU

3. Open World: A Living, Breathing Place to Explore

In video games there are open worlds and there are open worlds. Rise of the Ronin most certainly offers players the latter; a rich, stunningly realised environment that you’ll want to explore far beyond the missions that make up the main narrative. You’ll find collectibles and side quests are in abundance, and there’s a level of variety that ensures things stay fresh no matter how long you immerse yourself in the world. From showdowns with bandit gangs to taking to the skies with your handy glider, Rise of the Ronin’s world always has something new in store. 

Plus, as you move across the map you’ll come across dynamic characters who can dramatically change how your story plays out depending on how you choose to interact with them. These engagements help to give the story a sense of gravity and stakes, as the allies and enemies you make along the way will have a significant impact on your tale. Choose wisely. 

Rise of the ronin 8
Image: PlayStation AU

4. Haptics and Audio: Maximum Immersion

While Rise of the Ronin undoubtedly serves up a vivid world via its stunning visuals, the game’s immersive nature is elevated even further by the DualSense controller’s sophisticated haptic feedback. From the clash of swords to the click of your matchlock rifle’s trigger, every element of the game is enriched by the multi-layered rumbles and vibrations that accompany them.

The same applies to the game’s incredible soundscape, which helps to create the sense that you’re moving through a world that’s truly alive. Whether it’s the wind rustling through the trees, the sound of one sword blade grinding against another, or the hustle and bustle of one of the map’s major cities, Rise of the Ronin’s 3D spatial audio wholly envelopes you in its world.

Rise of the ronin 4
Image: PlayStation AU

5. Team NINJA: Masters of the Gaming Arts

With their catalogue of titles already boasting some of the most essential gaming experiences of all time, Team NINJA were always going to pull out all the stops for their first fully open-world game. From Ninja Gaiden to Nioh, the team behind Rise of the Ronin have always set the bar incredibly high for themselves, but even by those lofty standards they’ve outdone themselves here, delivering a game with all the action and depth of play we’ve come to expect, but on an entirely new scale. 

So strap on your katana, saddle up your horse, and prepare yourself for the supreme Team NINJA experience. Rise of the Ronin is an action-packed historical epic you won’t soon forget, available now on PlayStation 5.

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Image: PlayStation AU