‘Founder’ Trailer Dives into the Crazy Tales of Australia’s Billion-Dollar Tech Empires

Entrepreneurship has become a deep fascination of modern society. We marvel at the brilliance of world-changing innovators like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and of course, the one and only Gary Vee. As always, Australia punches above its weight in the start-up world, and now Founder Films is giving business enthusiasts an inside look into the wild lives of the country’s most successful tech personalities. So if you’ve got a billion-dollar idea and need a little motivation, the Founder four-part documentary will be available for rent on Apple TV and Prime Video from early August.

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Melanie perkins of canva
Melanie Perkins of Canva | Image: Getty

The newly released trailer introduces us to the diverse success stories of the series, which include Melanie Perkins of Canva, Luke Anear of SafetyCulture, Katherine McConnell of Brighte, and Fred Schebesta from Finder. With each episode focusing on a single individual’s journey, viewers gain an exclusive glimpse into their unique challenges, as well as the moments of personal and financial sacrifice they have encountered along the way. From the opening scenes, the series poses a compelling question that all aspiring start-up wizards have surely asked themselves: in an industry where failure hits at a rate of 99%, what does it require to not only achieve success but to emerge victorious as a leader in a respective field?

Luke anear the ceo and founder of safetyculture
Luke Anear, CEO and founder of SafetyCulture | Image: The Australian

Luke Anear, the CEO and Founder of SafetyCulture and the Executive Producer of the series, took the lead in creating the show with the intention of providing a glimpse into the challenging yet ultimately fulfilling realm of startups. His goal was to inspire individuals with ambitious visions to embark on their own entrepreneurial journeys.

“Founder is a pretty honest look at the determination and personal sacrifice it takes to start a company that has the potential to change the world. I hope it gives people some insight into what it takes to be a founder, and that it inspires the people who are sitting on incredible ideas to back themselves and give it a go. I’m a big believer that great ideas and incredible businesses can come from anywhere,” said Anear.

”I hope that by sharing more about my journey with SafetyCulture – along with Mel, Katherine and Fred’s stories – we can encourage more people to take a chance. I know that it’s a difficult time to launch a business, but if you can build a great business in these conditions, then the chances are you’ll build something that will really stand the test of time.”

All episodes of Founder will be available to rent on Apple TV, Prime Video, and Google Play from early August. Check out the trailer above.

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Fred Schebesta of Finder
Fred Schebesta of Finder | Image: Daily Mail

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