Samsung Ditches the Projector with their New LED Cinema Screen in Sydney

If a trip to the movies wasn’t good enough already, it just got a whole lot better.

Today in Sydney, Samsung unveiled its all-new Onyx LED Cinema screen at the Hoyts in the Entertainment Quarter. In what is the first of its kind in Australia, the Onyx LED Cinema screen comes in at a whopping 14 metres wide: almost double the size of Moore Park’s old cinema screen.

Leaving the projector behind, the Onyx Cinema LED screen boasts better colour accuracy, deeper blacks, a brighter screen and just an all-round unbelievable viewing experience. The power of LED is going to make this the best place to watch movies in the country and is undoubtedly a hint towards the future of cinema.

“Samsung’s cinema LED technology gives movie-goers the opportunity to see the latest blockbusters in the vibrant clarity and detail that Hollywood producers intended. We can’t wait for Aussies to experience Onyx for the first time, we know it’ll keep them coming back to the movies again and again”, said a spokesperson from Samsung.

As Hoyts at the Entertainment Quarter transitions to become their flagship cinema, we’re likely to see a lot more of the premiere and movie events being shown on the Onyx LED Screen. The Onyx cinema is open as of today and is something you’ve got to see with your own eyes to believe.

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