Bitty Pocket Drum Machine Cranks the Volume on Your Beat

Synthesisers typically take up a lot of space, but the Bitty Pocket Drum Machine takes all that capability and fits it into your pocket. The four buttons on the bottom of Bitty allow you to play your own beat or melody manually so that you can accompany an acoustic instrument or just create your own music.

At the top you’ll find two knobs. The left knob selects patterns and changes the speed so that you can go from dance music to hip hop with a quick turn. The right knob controls the volume—and this pocket-sized drum machine packs more sound than your pocket can dream of holding. The speaker takes up half of this little machine, and it can pound out the beat enough to rival any other synthesiser.

pocket drum machine

With a 12 bit output, the Bitty Pocket Drum Machine packs a mean punch. The designers intentionally made Bitty loud so that you could play with others, combining your beats without drowning each other out.

Bitty comes with the software and samples you need to get started right away. Just plug it into your computer and select from the library. Upload and you’re off. And instead of locking the software down and forcing you to buy other Bittys, the designers left it open so that you can easily swap out the software for a new sound.

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