Fender’s Line of Pedals Adds a Set of Triplets

You can’t talk about guitars without talking Fender, so when the guitar company announced they would be adding three new pedals to its effects line up at the Summer NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) in Nashville, people sat up and listened. The pedals were designed by Stan Cotey, an in-house expert with 25 years of experience in professional audio and 12 years at Fender.

The first pedal is the Engager Boost, which has a FET input buffer. The pedal gives a 20-decibel boost that leanly drives a tube amp’s preamp. You can also use the included 3-band EQ to better shape the sound from this pedal. The Pelt Fuzz pedal produces silicon-based fuzz sounds. With the Pelt Fuzz, you can chose from traditional level, fuzz, and tone controls that work with a bloom control that contours the tone, a mid switch that can either boost or cut the midrange, and a thick switch that increases the output. The final pedal is the Full Moon Distortion. The most expensive of the tree, the Full Moon pedal uses both symmetrical and asymmetrical clipping modes, a 3-band EQ, a high-treble filter, and a texture switch. With this pedal, players will have better access to upper mind-range harmonics.

The pedals come in a lightweight anodized aluminum enclosure. Cotey and his team designed the circuits, which are all original to these new pedals.

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