Follow the Bouncing Oddball Drum Machine

The Oddball Drum Machine unleashes the musician inside all of us in a simple way—kind of like the bouncing ball videos that guide you through singing or playing a song. The difference is that with the Oddball Drum Machine, you control the bouncing ball.

oddball machine

Oddball comes in two parts—the ball and the app. The ball is pressure sensitive and acts as a percussion trigger. When you bounce the ball, sensors inside send messages to the app via Bluetooth. Those messages are interpreted as sounds that you select. With Oddball, you can easily create the beat of a song. Depending on the intensity of the bounce, you’ll either have louder or softer sounds. You can even flick or tap the ball for a beat, or get more intense with a bounce, throw, or smash.

outside view oddball performance

With the app you can choose and play different sounds from the provide library, including different sound effects. The app also allows for looping, recording, and overdubbing your beats so that you can add them to your favorite songs or create your own custom tune. If you’re looking for a more robust sound, or just for an opportunity to jam with friends, you can also connect multiple balls, all with different sounds. Once you have the beat you like, you can then share your tunes with others.

Oddball recharges via a USB connection, and can even be charged on the go.

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