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Gretsch 140th double platinum anniversary collection 1

Gretsch Celebrates 140 Years of Guitar Greatness With Gorgeous Double Platinum Anniversary Collection

Gretsch players are built differently from those drawn to other guitar brands. From George Harrison to Chet Atkins, Malcolm Young to John Squire, theirs has always been an elite group and it’s one we’ve always been tempted to join (not that our playing could ever hope to match those titans, whether we had a Gretsch slung around our shoulders or not).

Gretsch g5230t 140 electromatic 140th double platinum jet with bigsby 2023 1
Image: Gretsch

Saying that, the urge to succumb to the call of Gretsch is now stronger than ever thanks to the launch of the 140th Double Platinum Anniversary Collection. This range of six guitars has been created to mark the 140 years since the brand’s 1883 founding—each sports a commemorative 140th anniversary plaque on the headstock—and honours Gretsch’s historic journey to this point, while providing modern players with a selection of meticulously appointed instruments that point to a bright future for the legendary luthier.

Read on to discover more about each of these six-string stunners…

Gretsch g6134t 140 ltd 140th double platinum penguin with string thru bigsby 2023
Image: Gretsch

G6134T-140 LTD 140th Double Platinum Penguin with String-Thru Bigsby, 2023

The Penguin has always been a guitar for the discerning player. This stunning new incarnation features a Solid Adirondack Red Spruce top paired with the chambered mahogany body so essential to producing the guitar’s distinctly rich tones. Gretsch promises the all-new FT-67 Filter’Tron humbuckers deliver a pristine top-end chime, glassy midrange, robust low end, and balanced harmonics, while an immaculate two-tone nitrocellulose lacquer finish (Two-Tone Stone Platinum over Pure Platinum) provides stunning looks to match the stellar sound. RRP: AUD$6,299

Gretsch g6118t 140 ltd 140th double platinum anniversary with string thru bigsby 2023
Image: Gretsch

G6118T-140 LTD 140th Double Platinum Anniversary with String-Thru Bigsby, 2023

Here we have another Solid Adirondack Red Spruce top, this time accompanied by maple back and sides, and ML bracing. The FT-67 Filter’Tron humbucking pickups are also present again, as is the range-standard 12-inch radius ebony fingerboard with 22 medium jumbo frets and rolled edges. Again, the finish is undeniable—this time serving up Two Tone Pure Platinum over Stone Platinum—resulting in one of the finest-looking guitars you’re ever likely to see at your local instrument-monger. RRP: AUD$4,899

Gretsch g6136t ltd 140th double platinum falcon hollow body with string thru bigsby 2023
Image: Gretsch

G6136T LTD 140th Double Platinum Falcon Hollow Body with String-Thru Bigsby, 2023

Gretsch claims the Falcon is “one of the most desired guitars in history” and this is by no means an overreach – just ask Man of Many’s Editor-in-Chief Nick Hall (he’s a fan). Designed to make a strong statement both in terms of looks and tone, it takes courage and skill to wield a Falcon well, and that’s doubly applicable to this ice-cold 140th-anniversary edition. Packing the same aesthetics and pickups as its aforementioned brethren, this Falcon is guaranteed to turn heads. RRP: AUD$7,099

Gretsch g5622t 140 electromatic 140th double platinum center block with bigsby 2023
Image: Gretsch

G5622T-140 Electromatic 140th Double Platinum Center Block with Bigsby, 2023

Boasting a centre (or “center” according to the Yanks) block to help keep pesky feedback at bay, the G5622T-140 is designed to give players the ability to turn up the volume while still harnessing that unmistakable Gretsch tone, thanks in part to the black Top Broad’Tron humbucking pickups. With that classic double-cut design providing easier access higher up the laurel fingerboard, and a master volume with treble bleed circuit, master tone, individual pickup volume controls and three-position pickup toggle switch helping players access a wide range of sounds, this is a Gretsch for the ages. RRP: AUD$1,799

Gretsch g5420t 140 electromatic 140th double platinum hollow body with bigsby 2023
Image: Gretsch

G5420T-140 Electromatic 140th Double Platinum Hollow Body with Bigsby, 2023

Perfect for players looking for classic Gretsch sound and style inspired by the ‘50s and ‘60s, the Gretsch Electromatic collection has always been a standard bearer for the brand’s heritage. This limited edition incarnation features all-new FT-5E Filter’Tron pickups, while the hollow build delivers an enormous full-bodied punch and the classic chime for which Gretsch is so revered. RRP: AUD$1,799

Gretsch g5230t 140 electromatic 140th double platinum jet with bigsby 2023
Image: Gretsch

G5230T-140 Electromatic 140th Double Platinum Jet with Bigsby, 2023

A true rock ‘n’ roll firebrand, the Gretsch Jet has been around for 65 years and remains a formidable tool for those who like to turn up the gain. Featuring a chambered mahogany body with maple top for what Gretsch describes as “a strong sonic profile and exceptional acoustic balance”, this limited-edition (and remarkably affordable) Gretsch icon shares the G5420T-140’s FT-5E Filter’Tron humbucker and produces “full-bodied punch and classic chime with enhanced presence, clarity and note definition at any level of gain.” RRP: AUD$1,299

Gretsch g5230t 140 electromatic 140th double platinum jet with bigsby 2023 2
Image: Gretsch

Any one of these beautiful instruments would make a welcome addition to the Man of Many guitar arsenal and even when they’re not being played they’re just so darn pretty to look at. You’re basically buying a beautiful sculptural piece of art that also happens to make amazing sounds when placed in the right hands. To discover more about Gretsch’s 140th Double Platinum Anniversary Collection, follow the link below.

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Gretsch g6136t ltd 140th double platinum falcon hollow body with string thru bigsby 2023 1
Image: Gretsch