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Drake Studio Rent

You Can Now Rent Drake’s Music Studio for a Whopping $370,000 Per Hour

Have you ever found yourself nodding your head to some Drizzy tunes, envisioning yourself as the next big thing in the rap game? Well, you’re not alone, and we won’t judge. But brace yourself because we’ve got some exciting news that might make your heart race. You can now rent Drake’s music studio for a mind-blowing $250,000 (AU$370,000) per hour. Yes, you read that right.

Now, we know what you’re thinking – that’s enough money to buy a fancy car or even a house in some places. But if you’re serious about creating the most epic album of 2023, this might be your chance to make it happen. And believe it or not, there are already artists who have booked the studio for their own musical escapades. You never know, you might just bump into your favourite rapper or singer while laying down a track.

Image: Getty Images

The rumours about Drake’s studio being available for rent started circulating a few days ago when Stufinder, an Airbnb-type app for music studios, tweeted that they were “aware of Drake’s home studio listed on our App.” They also added, “We are currently verifying that Drake or his team did make the listing. Updates soon.” Roughly 20 minutes later, they confirmed that Drake or his team did indeed place the listing, allowing those with the funds to book his workspace and all its features located in the rapper’s Toronto Bridle Path home.

Unfortunately, the listing states that Drake won’t be available to attend the recording session. Yet, that hasn’t stopped Riff Raff from reportedly booking the venue for 2 hours, which would set him back a whopping USD$500,000 (AU$737,000).

So, if you’re feeling bold and have a deep pocket, renting Drake’s studio might be the ultimate opportunity to create your masterpiece. Just imagine the bragging rights that come with it.