Samsung Galaxy Home Speaker Breaks into the Smart Speaker Market

The Samsung Galaxy Home Speaker looks to take on the smart speaker market and claim its own territory. That’s not going to be an easy battle. It will be pitted against the likes of Apple’s HomePod, as well as Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home. But the Galaxy Home Speaker has the chops for the fight.

samsung galaxy home top view close up

First, the Galaxy Home Speaker is elegant. Reminiscent of a wine glass, the speaker isn’t just a box or tube. Black in color, the speaker makes a welcome addition to your décor and doesn’t call attention to itself. The speaker is supported by three metal legs and the flat top features control buttons for skipping tracks and changing the volume. The design isn’t just for looks, however. It’s also functional. The Galaxy Home Speaker is said to have a surround sound style audio made possible by the six built-in speakers and a subwoofer. Eight far-field microphones pick up voice commands as well. Samsung also promises a higher quality sound form the Galaxy Home Speaker than what we’re used to thanks to technology form AKG and Harman.

samsung galaxy home on wooden bench day

Second, Samsung’s assistant Bixby will be a part of the Galaxy Home Speaker. According to Samsung, Bixby will be able to do many of the things that it already does on your Samsung phone. Bixby comes as a part of recent devices launched by Samsung, including the Galaxy Note 9. Will the speaker knock the competition from the podium? It looks like it could.

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