The Chats Goon Bag box

The Chats Are Bringing Out a Goon Bag

Take your clothes off the line and get ready to peg up a coupla silver pillows, The Chats are bringing out their very own goon bag just in time for summer.

You’ll know The Chats from their classic Australian love ballad, Pub Feed or their R&B expressionism, The Clap or, you’ll remember this one for sure, the iconic hip-hop anthem, Dine and Dash. With a repertoire as diverse as this, it was only a matter of time that the true blue Aussie heartbreakers changed lanes into vino. Teaming up with Delinquente Wine Co and Built To Spill, the band is promising only the finest finest drop encased in a primo cardboard with some wicked artwork by local legend Struthless.

For the complete package, it’ll cost you a cheeky $55. While this might seem expensive, you’ve got to remember that you’re getting double the literate and after you’re done you’ve got a soft place to lay your head and sleep off the hangover. You really can’t put a price on happiness. We’re yet to try this ambrosia but we’ve heard good things. Eamon from The Chats had this to say, “It’s fucken good”. He truly is a poet.

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