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This Month In Music – December 2019

You’d think that as we get close to the end of the year the quality of music would start thinning out, but I’m here to tell you that has not been the case at all.

This past month has been rammed with so much great music, and I am stoked to share some of my favourites with you via “This Month In Music” by Acid Stag.

Vlossom – Catch Your Breath

Vlossom is a new side-project from two well know Australian artists, Nick Littlemore (of PNAU & Empire of the Sun) and Alister Wright (of Cloud Control), and I promise that within mere second of listening to this song you’ll be totally hooked.

It does also come with this very cool Nicolas Randall directed music video which adds volumes of intrigue and admiration for this song.

“It’s that feeling of seeing a thing of absolute beauty, whether it’s a girl or guy or plant or animal, and being brought into a heightened reality. For the most part our everyday lives are fairly menial, so those moments when we do lose our breath are really something to dwell on.” – Nick Littlemore

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daste. – ‘What If?’

Fans of groups like Tora, Parcels and LEISURE are going to absolutely love these newcomers from the Gold Coast, Australia.

They call themselves daste. (pronounced “taste” with a “D”) and after releasing quite a successful debut ep called “Palette” just a few months ago, they’ve backed it up this month with this sexy new single called ‘What If?’, which also comes with word of their second ep that will hit the shelves in early 2020 – better keep your eye on these guys!

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Benji Lewis – ‘New Day’

Los Angeles based Australian artist Benji Lewis returned this month with the bright and summery sounds of his latest single ‘New Day’, which will be a very nice contribution to your summer playlists.

It’s dreamy, summery, nostalgic and totally romantic – whack this one on and your other half will be all over you!

‘New Day’ is the next taste of Benji’s upcoming ep “Here, Then And Now” which is scheduled for release in early 2020, so thankfully we don’t have long to wait for that one to come around.

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Mojo Juju & Joelistics – ‘GHOST TOWN’

‘GHOST TOWN’ is the new collaborative 7-track ep from two very talented Australian artists, Mojo Juju and Joelistics.

This record is a true showcase of Mojo Juju’s beautifully soulful vocal talents, combined with the innately masterful production of Joelistics, and their incredible songwriting. This is one for the “Spotify favourites” list hands-down.

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Client Liaison – ‘Champagne Affection’

Raise your glasses to this infectious new treat from Australia’s very own Client Liaison. They’ve dropped a Jack Peddey directed music video for new single ‘Champagne Affection’, which is a bit of a piss-take on reality shows like “The Bachelor” – Ashley has a hard decision to make!

“Champagne Affection is an invitation to celebrate summer in all its carefree decadence. It describes the joy of two people coming together in the moment between flirting and romance. It’s a song for all five senses, a song for the imagination, where anything seems possible as long as you have a glass of Champagne in hand.” – Client Liaison

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The Weeknd – ‘Heartless’ & ‘Blinding Lights’

After a bit of teasing across his socials for a few days, The Weeknd dropped TWO brand-new tracks, ‘Heartless’ and ‘Blinding Light’, and fans all over the world pretty much just lost their shit all over the place.

These two tracks are in-fact the first taste of new music from The Weeknd since his 2018 ep “My Dear Melancholy”, and there’s since been word of a whole new album coming our way in 2020 which is super exciting.

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Lizzo – ‘Good As Hell’

Everyone is loving a bit of Lizzo right now, and with good reason as well; she’s so damn cool, sassy, and actually musically talented as well.

Lizzo just dropped a new single called ‘Good As Hell’, which comes with a pretty funny music video that shows you just how awesome and hilarious she really is – keep an eye out for the band-camp leotard-twerk at 03:28

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Born Dirty & Diplo – ‘Samba Sujo’

I don’t really need to say anything here do I…I mean it’s Diplo!

But here we go anyway. He’s teamed up with his buddy, French producer Born Dirty for a booty-shaking, Brazilian-dance treat called ‘Samba Sujo’ (which actually means “Dirty Samba”), and even if you don’t have an iota of dance-genes in your body, this one is going to get that ass twerking in no time at all.

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TOKiMONSTA – ‘Love That Never’

TOKiMONSTA is back with a fresh new instrumental track called ‘Love That Never’ which is sure to get you feeling recharged and refreshed. It provokes a certain relaxation sensation throughout the body while also pepping it up and making you feel ready to take on anything that comes your way. She is a true talent.

“Entering a new stage of my life, I realised how multifaceted love is. It is this beautiful overwhelming sensation that fills us up, but can also leave us empty and bare. This song is a personal reminder that if we foster our own intangible love, we will always be fulfilled.” – TOKiMONSTA

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Cosmo’s Midnight – ‘It’s Love’ (feat. Matthew Young)

Cosmo’s Midnight dropped a pretty great new single and music video this month called ‘It’s Love’ which features the guest vocal work of New Zealand artist Matthew Young, and it’s sure to resonate with a few of you.

‘It’s Love’ is infectious, upbeat and has so much groove that your hips just have to move, but then the video takes it to a whole new level and you’re like “woah, I need to do that again”.

”’When we were writing it in NZ with Matt we felt the song suited a more realistic narrative; about how relationships can turn bad the moment you allow yourself to be vulnerable and that people aren’t necessarily bad but relationships can turn people into someone they weren’t. We often try to have these kind of two-sides to our lyrics and production where the beats are upbeat and dancey but the lyrics are more sombre.” – Cosmo’s Midnight 

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