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This Month In Music – November 2019

I hope you enjoyed last month’s new music selections & are ready for another fix of “This Month In Music” by Acid Stag.

I thought last month’s selection process was hard but this one has been much more difficult; it’s like everyone is trying to release music before the year’s out, and it’s awesome that there’s so much new music being released, but the high quality of that music has made it so hard to choose just a few!

Below are a few of my favourite releases from the last couple of weeks and I really hope you enjoy them as much as I have…and still am!

daste. – ‘What If?’

Fans of Tora, Parcels, Leisure and Toro Y Moi are going to love the sh*t out of these guys. daste. (pronounced “Taste” with a “D”) are a trio from the Gold Coast, Australia who make smooth electro lo-fi funk music that just works on so many levels, and their latest single ‘What If?’ is a true testament to that fact. They released their debut ep “Palette” just a few months ago which is racking up the streams across Spotify & Apple Music like there’s no tomorrow.

I had the privilege of seeing daste. perform live in Surfers Paradise last week and I was blown away by their presence, their skills and their amazing natural groove. Better keep an eye out for these guys! (stream)

Carl Louis – Silent Soldier (LP)

I have been totally hooked on this album and I have no doubt it is going to be the soundtrack to my summer. ‘Silent Rider’ is the debut release for a Norwegian artist who goes by the name Carl Louis, and if you’re a fan of guys like Roosevelt, Caribou and Miike Snow then you’re going to be an easy fan of Carl Louis as well. It’s spacious, summery, nostalgic and absolutely infectious – I found myself humming along to these tracks in my sleep! (stream)

Emerson Leif – ‘Wake Up With You’

If you’re an avid Triple J listener you would have heard the name Emerson Leif floating around the airwaves quite a bit over the last 12 months as a feature artist on tracks like ‘Hesitate’, ‘Tell The Girl and ‘Highway’ by Golden Vessel, and ‘Say Something’ by MUTO, and if you were ever a fan of the group Art of Sleeping then his voice will be very familiar to you as well.

Emerson Leif dropped a brand-new solo single this months called ‘Wake Up With You’ and it seriously just makes me melt everytime I listen to it. He also hinted that he’s working on his debut ep which we can expect in early 2020 – I cannot wait to hear more of that goodness! (stream)

18YOMAN – Swimming (ft. Mia Elnekave) (Music Video)

Where the fizz did this guy come from!?

Apparently 18YOMAN is from Sydney but this is the first time I’ve heard of him. He does only have a few releases under his belt but his latest single ‘Swimming’ is rippling out across the global music scene. It would have been just fine on it’s own but it also comes with a Marty Bugatti directed music video which just sucked me all the way in and I can’t get out – but I kinda don’t want to either!

Emotional Oranges – ‘The Juice: Vol II’ (LP)

If you haven’t heard the name Emotional Oranges as of yet then you need to get sign up to Acid Stag’s weekly newsletter asap. They are a duo from Los Angeles who make this kind of electro/R&B/pop music that is so very infectious and easy to get into. They’ve just released their latest album, “The Juice: Vol II” which is one of those albums that you can use for almost any occasion, and you’ll be thanked greatly by those around you for the aural stimulation from this damn fine collection of music. (stream)

Felix Cartal – RIGHT NOW (Music Video)

Canadian producer Felix Cartal released a new single called ‘RIGHT NOW’ which also came with a very inspiring motivational video that is tackling an issue that a lot of artists fall into every now and then; the creative roadblock.

The video features a stella cast of cameos from the likes of Kaskade, ZEDD, Lights, Anna Lunoe, Chris Lake and whole lot more, as they deliver a message of encouragement to all musicians (and it’s actually something we should all take on-board); “Don’t Wait. Just do it right now”

Thutmose – Don’t Wake Me (EP)

Los Angeles artist Thutmose has just released a brand-new five-track ep called ‘Don’t Wake Me’, and I really think this release is going to push a few buttons.

Thutmose’s charisma is so obvious throughout these songs which creates a comforting and familiar listening environment. If you’ve never heard of this guy you will be thanking me for the introduction, and for those that are already Thutmose fans, you’ll understand exactly where I’m coming from with this one. (stream)

Sophiegrophy – ‘American Honey’

This one is an absolute gem. Australian rapper/artist Sophiegrophy is gearing up for her debut ep, and just last week she gave us the very first taste of that ep with the sweetly smooth sounds of new single ‘American Honey’.

Sophiegrophy is in a class all of her own and after giving ‘American Honey’ a few spins you’ll understand just where i’m coming from. I reckon we are in for quite a treat with this ep. (stream)

KOI – Yikes (ft. TJW) (Music Video)

‘Yikes’ is the latest release form a Los Angeles artist who goes by the name KOI (aka Coy Stewart) which features the rap stylings of his buddy TJW. It also comes with a very cool music video that was shot by Jackie Radinsky but directed by Coy and TJW themselves – it’s like a skill overload here, I mean come on these guys are amazing!

The song has been released via an American art/rap/R&B collective called grouptherapy and I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be the last time I write about them in here.

The Aston Shuffle – ‘Care A Little Less’

Australian dance-lords The Aston Shuffle dropped a huge new track this month called ‘Care A Little Less’, and if you haven’t had a groove to this one yet, please do so right now!

The Aston Shuffle have a knack for creating infectious dance anthems and this new one is sure to be a fine contribution to your summer-party soundtracks. Seriously great work from the Friday Night Shuffle boys! (stream)


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