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Sailgp Sydney Team Canada Boat

Watch Team Canada’s Boat Get Horrifically Wrecked at Sydney’s Wild SailGP

SailGP Sydney Harbour took the world by storm, both literally and figuratively. Formula One, eat your heart out, because this high-speed sail racing event was non-stop action that left spectators feeling like they were riding an emotional (terrifying) rollercoaster. And we’re not talking about the racing.

We’ve all come to expect F1 cars flipping and flying into barricades, but seeing a catamaran swinging around and destroying everything in its path, is not your everyday experience. On Saturday, the second day of racing at the SailGP on Sydney Harbour was cancelled after a short, but powerful storm caused extensive damage to one of the boats and the staging area. The wing sail of Team Canada’s boat was picked up by the wind and turned into a wrecking ball, sending spectators and workers scrambling. The footage has to be seen to be believed, but be warned: it may cause a few involuntary gasps.

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Several temporary structures located on site were damaged during the storm, and multiple individuals sustained minor injuries as a result. According to a statement by SailGP, the recent weather conditions have resulted in significant damage to at least one of the boats competing in the event. However, there have been “no reports of any serious injuries” caused by the incident.

In addition to the damage inflicted on the boats and structures, the infrastructure at Barangaroo Wharf was also affected by the storm. Safework NSW has been notified, and Fire and Rescue NSW have confirmed attendance with four fire trucks on Barton St to assess the damage caused to a temporary building. According to the Fire and Rescue NSW social media post, evacuations took place with multiple minor injuries sustained.

As if the damage inflicted on the SailGP event wasn’t enough, Sydney’s sudden and terrifying storm left hundreds of people calling for help and homes without power for 24 hours. The wild winds, which wreaked havoc from the Blue Mountains to the coast, brought down trees, ripped off roofs, and… sent sailboats soaring through the air.

SailGP is a relatively new event, but it’s already established itself as a must-see spectacle for sailing enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies alike. The high-speed action and technological innovations on display are nothing short of remarkable. These boats are capable of speeds exceeding 50 knots (93 km/h), and the crew is made up of some of the world’s top sailors, including Olympic champions and America’s Cup veterans. They push themselves and their boats to the limit in pursuit of victory, and we get to sit back and watch the madness unfold.

Despite the cancellation of the second day of racing, SailGP Sydney Harbour can be deemed a massive success, having attracted thousands of spectators who witnessed an unforgettable display of skill, speed, and excitement. For those following the league and wondering about the weather’s impact on the points ladder, SailGP has provided an update stating that the three races held on day 1 are sufficient to constitute an event as per the race rules. With France winning all three races, they are officially the winners of the wild Sail Grand Prix Sydney.

While a full assessment of the damage caused will now be carried out to determine its impact on future events, the next scheduled stop on the race is set to take place in Christchurch, New Zealand on March 18.

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