Streets of Sydney Episode Three: Inner City

Sydney’s inner city is a dense labyrinth of alleyways and intrigue, and the people of the inner city are just as mysterious and fascinating. What are they hiding?

In the case of Thom and Thomas, life partners and entrepreneurs, the answer is the business concept of a lifetime. Thom and Thomas own Kitten KaPoodle, the daytime pet nightclub that you’ll be hearing a lot more about pretty soon. Noticing that their fur babies Kim and Kanye were sad and depressed when they left for work, the pair saw a way to build a business and bring some happiness into the world at the same time: a club where people can drop their pets off to party in daylight hours. A city full of satisfied clubbing pets is their reward – and Kim and Kanye’s blue days are behind them for good.

Following your bliss is the theme of this vibrant region. Blade Hendricks sees his career in mixology as more than just a job: it’s a calling. That’s the beauty of the inner city: in its seemingly cramped confines, there is emotional space, a freedom to pursue passions rather than paycheques. Beginning with cordial as a kid, Blade made mixing drinks his mission in life, and judging by the length and thickness of his beard, he’s made every glass a winner since. “I wasn’t necessarily the cool kid back in school,” Blade says: hard to believe when you see him now, rubbing shoulders with celebrities and quenching the thirst of the great and the good.

But the inner city has always been a place for reinvention. Just ask Lynn Seede. Lynn not only owns her own PR agency, she is one of Surry Hills’ most respected food bloggers. “I’ve eaten my whole life: I love food,” she says, and you can tell she means it. Like Thom, Thomas and Blade, Lynn has turned a lifelong love into a career, and you only have to see her ordering lunch to see how much she truly cares, not just about what she eats, but about what she writes about what she eats.

It’s people like these that make you realise that the mysteries of the inner city, when uncovered, can open up a whole new way of life. Whether it’s dancing dogs, delicious drinks, or discerning dining, there’s a celebration of humanity here that is shared by everyone, from the baristas to the beggars.

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Streets of Sydney was filmed and produced by More Chillis Productions.