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Instagram Girls of the Month – October 2019

After careful consideration, we’ve decided to bring back our Instagram Girls of the Month feature. Like the girls themselves, it was on an extended vacation. Unlike the girls, no beaches or bikinis were involved…just a bunch of people sitting around an office in Sydney and doing other things. So why did we bring it back? Maybe we needed the kind of monthly distraction that only Instagram girls can provide. Or maybe we were just thinking of you, dear readers. Whatever the case, here are five brand new Instagram girls in all their eye-popping glory. Follow at will.

Karen Lima

“Welcome to my world,” this Brazilian bombshell writes at the top of her feed. Thanks for the warm welcome, Karen. How long can we stay?


Phoebe O’Hanlon

Sydney’s own Phoebe does Australia proud by way of her bubbly personality and superior genetics. She’s also happy to pose with various friends, which is good news because those friends are often just as gorgeous as she is.


Kari Riley

Stunning model and talented poet Kari Riley will be the first to tell you that “Instagram isn’t real life,” though that hasn’t stopped her from racking up 276k followers. One look into those mesmerising eyes and it’s not hard to see why.


Tess Jantschek

You can find Tess in various exotic locations around the world, where she injects extra beauty into her already beautiful surroundings. It all makes for a visually enticing Instagram feed, to say the least.


Alice Deren

Far more than an Instagram model, the lovely Alice is a free spirit with an open mind and adventurous allure. If you needed another reason to visit Bali, you just found one.


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