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Liberation from Boredom: The 3 MONCLER GRENOBLE Collection has Landed

The MONCLER GENIUS WORLD TOUR 19-20 continues to utilise fashion as a means to bond Moncler’s signature heritage and inimitable style with unique designers from diverse backgrounds, whilst providing commentary on the nature and progression of fashion as a whole. Bringing together fragmented sections of the fashion world, the MONCLER GENIUS WORLD TOUR 19-20 continues to demonstrate the boundless options of the Moncler DNA.

Man of Many teamed up with Moncler to showcase the limitless technical freedom of the 3 MONCLER GRENOBLE collection through a photo and video shoot in Australia’s Blue Mountains.

The brainchild of Italian designer Sandro Mandrino, Moncler Grenoble’s head of design, the 3 MONCLER GRENOBLE collection taps into the distinctive DNA of Moncler to put a playfully innovative spin on performance-optimized mountain wear.

Deriving its name from the French city near the mountain village of Monestier-de-Clermont where Moncler was first established in 1952, 3 MONCLER GRENOBLE launches on October 31st, 2019 and riffs off Moncler’s roots in skiing and mountaineering wear by injecting elements of 1969 into the collection. Paying homage to the Woodstock festival on its fiftieth anniversary, Sandro Mandrino seamlessly blends the functionality of Moncler’s technical features with his own limitless imagination.

As a technical collection, the pieces are grounded in being fit for mountain wear; fabrics are water and wind-resistant with velcro closures that allow for movement and protection from the external environment, and volumes are kept practical. This technical aspect forms the base of Sandro Mandrino’s experimentation, proving the designer with the leeway to incorporate elements like psychedelic prints, floral patterns, patchworks, tie-dye motifs, and fringing to bring two seemingly dichotomous worlds together. Resultantly, Mandrino has devised a collection of performance-oriented mountain gear fit for hedonistic festival frequenters or alpine cowboys.

Sandro Mandrino’s familiarity with the Moncler Grenoble collection is evident in his work, with the designer having been affiliated with the project since its inception in 2010 and acting as Head of Design for seven years. Keeping the collection’s intention as designed for skiing and snowboarding runs as the focal point, 3 MONCLER GRENOBLE adds a new technical dimension to the hippie-inflected aesthetic.

Mandrino reinterprets the Moncler code by experimenting with patterns and embellishments, however, retains the silhouettes and structural form standard to Moncler’s signature heritage garments. In his 3 MONCLER GRENOBLE collection, the Italian designer does away with preconceived notions of technical mountain wear, providing liberation from boredom through fringed down puffer jackets and tie-dye ski suits and sweaters.

Technical pieces like a structured overall-style ski suit are paired with woollen sweaters or turtlenecks adorned with Woodstock motifs, whilst waist-cinching belts provide snow jackets with a streamlined elegance. Sandro Mandrino elevates two-piece snow sets with the addition of camouflage or micro-floral prints and humorously reimagines layered snow wear with an outsized patchwork jacket. Through retaining Moncler’s heritage assets and remaining truthful to the brand’s values whilst fusing them with his colourful mind, Mandrino evokes images of a rave in the snow with his 3 MONCLER GRENOBLE collection.

The 3 MONCLER GRENOBLE collection marks the third instalment of the MONCLER GENIUS WORLD TOUR 19-20 which takes the Moncler Genius concept launched in 2018 to the next level. The MONCLER GENIUS WORLD TOUR 19-20 presents each collection as part of a blockbuster world tour, teaming each collection with a unique activation designed to communicate its incomparable character.

In a similar format to an artist’s tour, each collection has a dedicated launch date, with the tour jumping from country to country, featuring thought-provoking creatives from around the globe.

3 MONCLER GRENOBLE is available at Sydney Westfield and Melbourne Chadstone stores.

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