Nike’s Air Sock Racer is Weird. In a Good Way

Nike’s newest range is also one of the footwear giant’s weirdest. Originally released in 1986, the laceless Air Sock Racer was considered ahead of its time. Fast forward to 2017, and the boldly coloured shoes make their triumphant return now featuring Nike’s innovative Ultra Flyknit technology for improved performance and relevance. The Air Sock Racer maintains its bold black and tour-yellow colourway, unless you’d prefer something less adventurous, then it also comes in grey.

nike air sock racer shoe design

Utilising the Flyknit technology was a no-brainer as it offers increased breathability and an improved fit. Plus Flyknit possesses the uncanny capacity to change colours. The original buckle closure from 1986 was maintained with slightly thicker straps to offer better lateral support, while the collar’s lined pattern was borrowed from the Nike Flyknit Racer. A lighter Nike Ultra outsole includes dual-density foam tooling with encapsulated, top-loaded air in the heel.

nike air sock racer shoe heel

The Nike Air Sock Racer Ultra Flyknit is available from April 27. When the original shoe launched consumers received promo black and yellow “Bee Socks” and T-shirts with a Sock Racer evolving into a runner. Sadly that’s not the case this time around, although you will still be making an eye-catching fashion statement for all the forward thinkers out there.

Check it out

nike air sock racer shoe side view

nike air sock racer shoe out sole

nike air sock racer shoe waterproof

nike air sock racer shoe poster

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