Dry Feet Are Happy Feet in Stutterheim Chelsea Rainwalkers

The Stutterheim Chelsea Rainwalkers are a follow up to the brand’s popular raincoats. This time around, Stutterheim has paired up with Slovakian shoe label Novesta. That partnership has brought to market an all-weather Chelsea boot.

The classic Chelsea design, ankle-high boots with an elastic side, are seemingly everywhere nowadays. But while many of the styles out there seem to have lost the heritage of Chelseas being a boot rather than a fashion statement, Stutterheim’s boots keep that history in mind. Made of natural rubber, Stutterheim’s Chelseas will keep your feet dry even in the hardest-driving storms, or in the resulting puddles. The Chelseas also feature 100 percent cotton lining to keep your feet warm and comfortable. With that comfort and protection, you might just be tempted to stomp through the puddles just like you did when you were a kid.

Stutterheim offers the boots in three different color variations. The top portion for all three remains the same solid black, but you can pair that black with red, white, or gray soles. Each boot is handmade, ensuring the high quality. The line was launched in February and made available in New York and Sweden, or online. The run was limited, however.

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