Nike Metcon 5 Shoe is Both New and Familiar

The Nike Metcon 5 builds on past successes of the design, all of which were the result of watching athletes do what they do.

Nike launched its Metcon shoes in 2015, and at the time, the shoe featured a wrap up the midfoot that was intended to provide grip for rope climbs. Shortly after that release, designers took note of more athletes doing handstand push-ups, so they added a feature that decreased friction against the wall. Yet another update came as a means of providing more support under heavier weights.

Version 4 of the shoe used haptic technology to develop star shapes in high wear areas like the toe box and on the sides to increase the shoe’s durability. Breathability and flexibility were enhanced by the addition of a left mesh. For the latest version, Nike is adding an insert that provides more elevation to help with heavier lifts and higher reps.

Nike Metcon 5 for women

Athletes are getting faster and stronger, and competition is getting tougher. Weights are heavier, and reps are higher. That’s why it’s so important for Nike to continue its tradition of listening to athletes. For the Metcon 5 shoe, Nike has partnered with top CrossFit athletes like three-time Fittest Man on Earth, Mat Fraser, and six-time CrossFit Game athlete Lauren Fisher.

Along with other everyday athletes, these individuals put the Nike Metcon 5 through more than 9,000 hours of testing that included lifting, 400s, wall ball, box jumps, and everyone’s favourite—burpees. Nike also employed more scientific testing, including grip, traction, and abrasion resistance testing.

The result is a shoe that can better withstand rope climbs, offers more cushioning and better support, improved grip, a wider heel for better stability, a higher offset thanks to the Nike Hyperlift insert, a softer and more flexible dual-density drop-in midsole, a stickier rubber on the forefoot, more durable rubber in the heel, and a refreshed logo.

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