Nike’s Why Not Zer0.1 is Finally Here

Nike released the Why Not Zer0.1 this year, and we reckon it’s about time they honoured Russell Westbrook with his first signature shoe. Westbrook signed a 10-year deal with Nike back in September, 2017. Nearly five months later, we’re finally seeing a shoe that represents and reflects Westbrook. Who knows how long it actually takes to design and then produce a shoe—five months might not be that bad of a time—but considering the incredible season Westbrook had, it’s only fitting that the shoe is out. And sold out.

mirror image design nike zero 1

Speaking of fitting, the shoe has a style that is completely unique. The Jordan Why Not Zer0.1’s most notable feature is its “mirror image” design. The right shoe shows Westbrook going in for a massive slam, while the left has the iconic flying Jordan image in red. Both sides are a mosaic of images that chronicle the Jordan brand’s history. You’ll also notice the apparent lack of laces—they’re actually internal. The Velcro ankle strap sports Westbrook’s RW logo, and the tongue asks the question, “Why Not?” The heel is uniquely designed, having an almost wrap-around effect to it that helps pull the entire shoe together. The shoe’s color scheme of red, white, black, and grey may seem simple, but it actually pops, attracting the eye.

Check it out

design of nike

bottom side the nike footwear

side part nike design

air jordan from nike

heel of the nike zero 1

attractive heel nike zero 1

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