Nike Drops Performance React Mid ISPA Sneakers for City Commuters

Forget the track and forget the pitch. Nike’s new release is described as the perfect shoe for city commuters.

The commuter shoe is called Nike React Mid ISPA. The keyword is ISPA. It’s a new program spearheaded by Nike Sportswear’s special projects and takes the tried-and-true ethos of listening to the athlete, but instead focuses on a discrete examination of the people who commute approximately 5-8km a day.

The discreetness doesn’t imply that Nike employees spy on commuters, rather the sports brand doesn’t approach each commuter taking measurements and asking preferences. You need to be an NBA athlete to make that happen.

nike react sneakers for city commuters

The commuter sneaker needed to be lightweight and adept at repelling cold and wet conditions. So Nike’s React Mid ISPA utilises a deconstructed water resistant bootie and React technology for maximum comfort and functionality. The result is functional, versatile and adaptable footwear for the everyday city hustler.

If you’re curious, ISPA stands for Improvise, Scavenge, Protect, Adapt. It goes like this: improvise refers to seeing how designs can be improved. Scavenge means finding the best materials to suit the job. Protect reads that the finished product must solve the problem, and the shoes must adapt to meet the current market.

The Nike React Mid ISPA are available now at Supply. There are three silhouettes to choose from, each priced at $220.

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nike react ispa sneakers