Nike’s PhantomVSN 2 is Designed for Attackers

Football is a game of quick cuts and fast sprints, which means you need a shoe that can hold up to the pressure, helping you to maximize your effort. Nike’s latest addition to the PhantomVSN family, the PhantomVSN 2, is ready to support the most aggressive, attacking players in the game.

Nike PhantomVSN 2

The new PhantomVSN 2 comes with plenty of upgrades and new tech. The shoe offers a revamped fit, improved texture, and easier foot entry. The upper is made of a symmetrical Flyknit external layer and heel clip that has been notched to allow for lateral containment. The shoe also features Nike’s Ghost Lace system, resulting in a clean look as well as a fit customization that happens with just one pull. Nike also employed its Quadfit technology, which consists of a stretchable mesh that provides foot lockdown. In short, these are some of Nike’s snuggest, most comfortable shoes to ever hit the market.

PhantomVSN 2

As football shoes, the PhantomVSN 2s will be subject to a lot of wear and tear on the outside of the boots because of ball dribbling. Nike took this into consideration, re-engineering four different quadrants to meet those demands. The medial trap zone, the strike zone, the knuckle zone, and the dribble zone all were thinned down by 20 percent to increase ball control throughout these touch zones. As the ball goes through each of these zones, the texture of the shoe’s exterior is adjusted up or down to allow more ball movement. Under the medial malleolus bone (the bump on the inside of your ankle) the shoe’s cuff was lowered in order to free up ankle mobility. Nike React cushioning ups the comfort on the small-sided version, while in the cleated version you’ll find a responsive plate. Finally, pull tabs help with entry and exit from the shoes.

PhantomVSN 2 side view

Nike set a January 23rd release date for the PhantomVSN 2 release. You can pick up the football shoes from select retailers.

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PhantomVSN 2 top view

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