Oliver Cabell Dusts off the Molds for the New Low 1 White and Black Colorways

The Oliver Cabell New Low 1, available in both white and black colourways, has an interesting origin story. As a start-up, Minneapolis-based Oliver Cabell needed to raise money in order to get a foothold (pun intended) into the premium footwear space. The company was able to do so, raising an impressive $1.2 in funding, which CEO Scott Gabrielson put to good use to found Oliver Cabell in July 2016.

oliver cabell shoe side view

The next order of business was to start producing the shoes. That was done in the Marche region of Italy, a popular area for making luxury shoes. “We came across a set of old, dusty sneaker molds in our factory,” explains Gabrielson, “and I thought it was a real treasure, and that we could make something really unique with them. We decided to make a pair with the molds, and after 22 samples we ended up with our first sneaker, the Low 1. We became so obsessed with the footwear that we decided to focus on them almost exclusively going forward.”

top view oliver cabell shoes

Gabrielson opted to stick with the original shoe-making process for the Low 1. Even then, Oliver Cabell is keeping the price under $200—pretty amazing considering the handcrafted, full-grained leather of the shoe. Gabrielson has focused on finding suppliers that do one thing well, and that has led to Oliver Cabell making one shoe very well.

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